The Smile Seen Around the World

When DENTSPLY prepared to launch a groundbreaking technology to clinicians, dentists, and dental hygienists worldwide, they needed a campaign that went beyond traditional marketing. In addition to enticing new and existing clients to try the new technology, the company needed to teach them how to use it. And they needed to reach out to them in their native languages.

With so much at stake, they turned to VIG.

Cavitron Touch™ Product Launch

DENTSPLY Professional’s Cavitron Touch Ultrasonic Scaling System with Steri-Mate® 360 is an innovative technology that makes dental procedures more comfortable and secure for patients and dental care providers alike. DENTSPLY needed to promote the new product to clinicians, dentists, and dental hygienists internationally. The campaign would also need to educate clients and generate leads for in-office demonstrations.

Our Solution

We developed a rich media campaign to attract and educate clients in multiple languages. The core of the campaign is a multilingual website that introduces the technology and collects demo registrations in multiple countries.
Pre-launch marketing included four email blasts to DENTSPLY’s internal email list broken up into various segments, three teaser videos, a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign with remarketing, and sell sheets.

Upon product launch, we continued PPC, sent out additional email blasts, and completed a keynote video launching the product as well as a tutorial video for the users.

During this process, the client came to us with a need to handle automated maintenance plan emails. We were able to save the client thousands of dollars per month by developing a custom tool to handle the automated emails, which included a database for use by the DENTSPLY customer service team.

The Deliverables

Multilingual Website
Powered by WordPress, we developed a website that was rolled out in DENTSPLY’s target markets in multiple countries. We used IP tracking to detect visitors’ countries of origin and provide content in their native language to allow for the best user experience possible.

Keynote Introduction Video
We developed an Apple-style keynote presentation introducing Cavitron Touch and showcasing its features and uses. The marketing team used the video at trade shows and other industry-related events.

3D Animated Teaser Video
Before the launch, we developed videos showcasing the Cavitron Touch. The animations were developed in 3D Studio Max and based on AutoCAD drawings. The team at Visual Impact Group created the renderings, provided voice talent and storyboarding, and completed the animation.

“Delight & Surprise” Video Campaign
The VIG team of content strategists, designers, and developers attended DENTSPLY’s sales training sessions and clinician training sessions to ensure we knew the product inside and out. From those sessions, we developed a video campaign showcasing the product’s unveiling to dentists, dental hygienists, and clinicians. The video captured the excitement of the launch and the value of the product from users’ perspectives. We incorporated the video into post-launch marketing.

Tutorial Video
For each product they launch, DENTSPLY Professional releases a series of videos illustrating how the product works and instructing clinicians in its proper use. This is a sample video that our team at Visual Impact Group shot, edited, and provided voice-overs for.

Multi-Audience Email Campaign
Leading up to the launch, we released a few teaser emails to specific segments of DENTSPLY Professional’s email list. Once the product officially launched, we deployed another email announcing it.



DENTSPLY received nearly 1,000 pre-launch and post-launch submissions on the new website. In addition to marketing the product with PPC and email campaigns, we equipped the sales team with marketing materials and videos for ongoing promotions as well.

When launching a complex technology, it’s critical to have all the pieces in place to equip users and ensure its acceptance. This rich media campaign attracted, inspired, and educated DENTSPLY’s target market through engaging content and multiple lines of communication. Now that’s something to smile about.

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