DENTSPLY Midwest Bur Advisor™ App

DENTSPLY Midwest needed an easier way for dental sales representatives, dentists, dental assistants, and office staff to find and order the tools they needed. The company offers more than 2,000 burs, the precision bits used in dental drills, and DENTSPLY needed a reliable, user-friendly system for sorting and managing orders. They asked VIG for a solution.

We delivered three.

Our Solution

We took a three-pronged approach to the challenge with a Web-based application, a hybrid mobile app, and a custom landing page.

Web-based & Mobile Applications
We built an application to provide the most comprehensive electronic guide available for Midwest Burs. It allows dental sales representatives, dentists, dental assistants, and office ordering staff to:

  • Search different Burs by shape, description, or number
  • Cross reference other brands by part number
  • Request samples or assistance
  • Print labels & order lists with dealer part numbers
  • Get the latest promotions

midwest-burr-advisor-app-002 midwest-burr-advisor-app-003 midwest-burr-advisor-app-004

The Web-based application is available for Windows.

In addition, we created a mobile app for iOS and Android devices and a custom landing page to direct online traffic to drive sales.

By creating multiple avenues for ordering, we ensured that dental practices looking for new tools were funneled toward DENTSPLY Midwest’s site, whether they were browsing from a computer, a tablet, or a phone. At the end of the funnel, we created a user-friendly ordering system that makes it easy for users to sort through thousands of devices and find just what they’re looking for. The result? Better service and more sales.

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