On-Brand and Within Specs:
Frick Technical Manuals and Sales Sheets

We may live in the digital age, but for most businesses, there’s a wealth of critical technical and product information that users continue to reference on paper. Keeping all those print materials current can be costly. When Frick decided to overhaul its technical manuals and sales materials, the company wanted to ensure the results were cost-effective, accurate, and user-friendly.

We provided technical materials that met all their specs.

Frick Technical Publications

Frick produces industrial refrigeration equipment for food and beverage applications from Johnson Controls, including rotary screw compressor packages, condensers, evaporators, AcuAir® hygienic air handlers, heat exchangers, and controls. Like many companies, Frick found that over the years its printed technical manuals and sales materials had fallen out of date. The company wanted cost-effective materials that were on brand and on budget.

Our Solution

We provided technical writing, design and layout, and printing for Frick’s sales and technical publications.

Technical Publications & Updated Sales Literature
VIG compiled Frick’s technical publications into technical manuals organized in binders for easy use by the company’s service technicians in the shop and in the field.

In addition, we designed and updated the company’s sales literature, which included new typographic layouts, better product images, and more detailed descriptions. We brought all of the materials up to date with the company’s current branding. We also managed printing and production to ensure that the materials came in within Frick’s budget.

Frick® by Johnson Controls now has the service manuals their technicians need and an updated sales literature brochure for their sales team. It is representative of their brand and is a valuable resource to their sales team, one that will help them sell more, better.

Do your print materials need an overhaul?