Sandler Training Sales Management Program

Global training leader Sandler Training had put years of work into developing a new sales management training program, resulting in a mountain of valuable information. The team had assembled more than 400 pages of documents and worksheets, and they wanted to organize everything clients and instructors would need for the course into two durable, organized kits.

We helped them cut the project down to size.

Sandler Training Sales Management Solutions

Sandler Training is the industry leader in sales and management training for professionals across the globe. With over 250 offices worldwide, Sandler offers a full range of training courses and materials for professionals of every experience level.

With so many other professional development and training programs on the market, Sandler Training needed a powerful way to deliver their new sales management training program. They turned to our creative team at VIG for help.

Our Solution

We designed custom packaging for the program and provided design, layout, and fulfillment for all of the print collateral, including binders, manuals, workbooks, and hardcover books.

The Deliverables

Sales Management Solutions Box
This custom packaging keeps all the training program materials contained in one sturdy, easy-to-carry box. Inside is a branded, turned-edge binder designed to hold almost 400 pages of manuals and workbooks. The box also contains two hardcover case-bound training volumes.

The box keeps clients and instructors organized and provides a durable, tangible set of learning tools they can refer back to year after year. Sandler was very pleased with the outcome.

Need to get your ideas on paper? Have a mountain of documents to conquer? Look to the experienced print team at VIG.