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The Sandler Training Digital Library

A tedious and inefficient process for workbook creation and reprints left challenges piling up for Sandler Training. The global training provider was relying on a manual system of document creation to keep its more than 250 franchisees stocked with workbooks and training materials. They needed to automate the process to save time for the company and its franchisees alike.

They asked VIG to develop a solution.

Sandler Training Digital Library

Sandler Training is a global leader in sales and management training, providing training through a vast global network of franchisees. Whenever franchisees needed to create workbooks for training events, they would contact Sandler to request materials for the workbook, and Sandler would manually assemble the workbook using desktop publishing software. It was a tedious and inefficient process that required a lot of manual work and back and forth communication to complete.

Our Solution

After understanding the challenges Sandler faced and the results they wanted to achieve, we designed a custom web application that allows franchisees to create their own workbooks as needed from a digital library.

The Sandler Training Digital Library
This Web application allows franchisees to log in and select whatever chapters and documents they desire. They may also upload their own logos to customize their materials. When the documents are ready, the franchisee places an order and instantly receives a proof for approval. Once approved, the system sends the print-ready file to a central printer for fulfillment, distribution, and delivery to the franchisees, wherever they are across the world.


Franchisees welcomed the ease and speed of the new system, as well as the chance to customize their orders. For Sandler, the digital library has also generated more than $1 million per year in added revenue.

How could technology transform your business? Let VIG create your next win-win solution.

Sandler Training