Bale Wrap Mobile App

Client: New Holland Agriculture

Location: New Holland, PA

Industry: Agricultural & Farm Machinery

Hybrid Mobile Application

Year: 2015

Special Requests from Client:

Enhanced User Experience

Mobile Capability

Off-Line Capability


New Holland Agriculture is a leading manufacturer of farming equipment. With a range of products spanning from combine harvesters to utility vehicles, New Holland specializes in improving the capabilities of famers across the globe. By providing solutions to common problems in the field, New Holland continues to transform how even the simplest challenges become the best opportunities.


New Holland partnered with VIG to develop an app designed to help farmers in the field. The overall goal of the app was to help farmers determine what wrapping materials to use when baling hay. Traditionally this decision required numerous calculations based on variables such as bale size and wrapping speed.

The app needed to streamline these calculations and provide a simple solution to a complex question. It needed to be easy to use and provide answers in simple terms, not lengthy equations. The team at VIG helped every step of the way.


Calculating what type of bale wrap to use requires addressing several factors. Everything from the equipment farmers use to the local climate and type of storage can change the type of wrap and yearly yield. New Holland wanted the app to walk users through each step of the harvest process and break each variable down to simplest form.

The final step in the process needed to determine what type of wrap to use and also benefits of this method. Data such as potential savings and costs along with key recommendations would make this a valuable tool to a range of different farmers.


The most efficient solution to this ongoing challenge would tie all of these variables together in an easy to use application. Based on the formulas and data from New Holland, we developed a hybrid mobile app that could be used on both iOS and Android devices. This app highlighted a three-step process that allowed farmers to select their model and climate, then weight & size data and followed by a recommended wrap with it’s benefits.

The Bale Wrap app helped New Holland build relationships with internal users and clients through providing a value-added product. The app helped clients in the agricultural industry get the most out of yearly crop yields and also promoted the use of New Holland’s Netwrap. With innovative products and cutting-edge features like the Bale Wrap app, New Holland Agriculture continues to be an industry leader.