Datum Websites

Client: Datum Storage Solutions

Location: York, PA

Industry: Manufacturing

3 separate website builds:
(1) Brand-Positioning Corporate Website
(1) E-Commerce Website
(1) Product-focused Website

Year: 2017

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Special Requests from Client:

Enhanced User Experience

Easy to Use CMS


Refined Messaging

Multi-site Product Manager


Datum Storage Solutions manufactures cutting-edge storage products for law enforcement, military, schools, and private markets. They have been in business for over 50 years. Under three brands Argos, Datum, and Intellerum, the company develops innovative solutions for a multitude of storage applications across the United States. Datum reached out to VIG to help them revamp their online presence.


Datum tasked the VIG team with developing three separate websites. One site to drive leads for previously unexplored audiences (DatumStorage.com), one to create a new revenue stream of online sales with an eCommerce site (BuyIntellerum.com), and one product-focused site to drive leads for a specific market segment (ArgosWeaponStorage.com).


Managing products across three separate websites is not an ideal solution. Instead, the Datum team wanted the ability to update all products for any of their websites in one spot. On occasion the same product may appear on all three sites. With their previous system, their team had to update that same product three separate times. This sometimes led to inconsistencies when updates were not made across all three sites. After years of frustration with their old system, Datum turned to VIG to build them a Multi-Site Product Manager capable of managing all product lines across all Datum-owned sites.


The perfect solution would incorporate a database within the CMS that managed all products for all Datum sites. Within the CMS, Datum would have the capability to update pricing, product information, images, and add or update literature, etc. from one central location. The proposed solution would dramatically improve efficiencies and eliminate errors and inconsistencies since information would only need to be updated once. In addition to improving internal processes, part of our strategy included performing a series of focus groups and surveys with the Datum Dealer Network to learn more about how they needed the site to work for them. We reviewed their frustrations with the current website and learned ways we could help streamline leads for them. This market research served as a foundation for the user experience strategy we developed for all three websites.


Year over year from 2016 to 2017, stats for the new site are as follows:

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