IRE Website & Property Portal

Client: Investment Real Estate, LLC

Location: York, PA

Industry: Real Estate

Brand-Positioning Corporate Website

Year: 2018

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Special Requests from Client:

Easy to Use CMS

Integration with Multiple Systems

Multi-Audience Focus


For over 20 years, Investment Real Estate has specialized in all aspects of real estate within the Self Storage industry. Already very well-known as an industry leader, the IRE leadership team wanted to launch a new website that reflected that expertise and showcased it with support from technology.


The IRE team wanted a new corporate site that highlighted their expertise in the self storage industry and helped their in-house broker team manage all the properties they broker. IRE’s depth of industry knowledge is priceless to buyers, sellers, and property owners who need professional guidance as they prepare to put their property on the market or seek to buy a new one.


Managing the IRE properties on three different levels (buyers, sellers, prospects) presented quite a time-intensive challenge for the broker team with how their old website functioned. They were spending a great deal of time managing the properties on their old website, which prevented them from doing the things they are best at: helping guide their clients. The needed a solution that would streamline the process.


To accommodate IRE’s needs for efficiency on their website, VIG developed a custom, multi-user level, secure portal for the broker team to easily update property statuses, add new properties, or add due diligence documents for buyers. The strategy for functionality of the portal was based solely on input from the IRE broker team and IRE leadership. It was truly built to fit their specific needs, and to integrate with their CRM system to manage leads.


Year over year from 2017 to 2018, stats for the new site are as follows:

New Users