This Summer’s Best Marketing Campaigns

This Summer’s Best Marketing Campaigns
 October 2, 2017

This summer marked the launch of several great campaigns by well-known companies. Everything from full-length videos featuring the latest celebrities to theme parks based around cutting-edge technology, this summer we saw some of the most creative and ingenious marketing campaigns. Here’s a look at the best marketing campaigns of summer 2017.

Nespresso Comin’ Home

Throughout 2017 Nespresso released a series of short video ads highlighting their irresistible coffee. Featuring several well-known actors like George Clooney, Danny DeVito, and Andy Garcia, Nespresso released multiple videos as part of a campaign to create a story behind their brand. Their latest video ad, titled “Comin’ Home“, depicts the story of one man’s quest for the perfect drink.

The video was released in April of 2017 but has captured the interest of coffee enthusiasts all summer. To-date, the video has over one million views on YouTube alone and has received the attention of customers around the country. Like all of Nespresso’s ads, popular actors and a memorable story line have helped create top-of-mind awareness and recognition for the brand.

Nike Breaking 2

Nike’s latest add targeted one of their long-time consumer markets- runners. As part of their “Breaking” campaign, Nike released multiple 60-second ads portraying an inspiring story of a group of runners. In the videos, Nike follows the journey of several runners trying to break the world record marathon time. From showing the runner’s relentless training schedule to highlighting the perseverance and dedication needed to accomplish their goal, Nike created a candid story behind their brand.

The ad finished with Nike’s iconic “Just do it” slogan and featured not only Nike shoes but other apparel as well. Like Nike’s other video ads, Breaking 2 helped reinforce Nike’s athletic image and reminded consumers of where the company got its roots.

Mazda Driving Matters

For years, the U.S. auto market has seen several strong automakers launch unique ad campaigns aimed at driving sales for their brands. Recently, Mazda released their “Driver’s Choice” campaign depicting candid testimonials from actual users.

Similar to Chevrolet’s campaign in 2016, Mazda created a short video showcasing real people sharing their thoughts about the new Mazda CX-9. The commercial featured everyday users driving the new CX-9 and comparing it to other well-known competitors.

From the luxurious interior to unique driving capability, viewers got a feeling of what its really like to drive Mazda’s new SUV. This immersion into the “Driving experience” that Mazda has portrayed in recent years not only helps increase sales for the company but also creates a unique brand image that few automakers have been able to capture.

LG Quad Wash

When you first hear of dishwashers, you probably don’t think of a full ad campaign that people are actually interested in seeing. Believe it or not, LG released a one-of-a-kind campaign this summer to launch their latest appliance, the LG Quad Wash.

In preparation to launch their latest product, LG’s management team knew they would have to put together something creative to capture people’s attention and get them thinking about their brand. They decided launching a full-scale appliance inspired waterpark was the best way to get the word out, and it was!

For three Saturday’s in August, LG setup a full dishwasher themed waterpark in Manhattan. With slides, an obstacle course, and great weather, LG created a full experience for potential customers. The results were epic. Thousands of people attended and LG certainly got great exposure for their brand. As far as creativity, LG gets our pick for this summer’s best campaign.

Arial Graphic of LG's Waterpark

Every summer companies across the globe launch creative campaigns to build awareness for their brands. From full-length videos depicting memorable stories to unique pieces that give a new definition to “Out-of-the-box” thinking, today’s brands are constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the marketplace.

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