Donegal Insurance Mobile App
Repair and Repositioning

Donegal Insurance Group relies on a highly mobile force of claims adjusters working throughout its territory to assess and settle claims. Equipping them with the tools they need to work efficiently in the field is crucial to Donegal’s success. When their mobile app began to malfunction, they needed a fast fix.

They brought the app to VIG for troubleshooting.

Donegal Insurance Mobile Application

Donegal Insurance Group is an insurance company headquartered in Marietta, Pennsylvania with a heritage spanning more than 125 years. When adjusters reported problems with the company’s mobile claims adjusting app, the Donegal team came to VIG for a diagnosis.

Our Solution

We immediately dove into the code base, identified the issue, and fixed it. During the process, we discovered that the existing code would not provide the long-term solution Donegal was looking for. A complete reposition was necessary.

Mobile App
We repositioned the application to restore full function and ensure future performance. The repositioned app works on both Apple and Android smartphones and tablets and also has custom GPS-enabled geolocation built in.

After launch of the application, Donegal requested development of three new apps for their acquired insurance companies.

Need a reliable custom app to power your business? We can build it.

Donegal Insurance
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