Custom Web and Mobile Apps:
Playground Guardian™ Field Inspections

The team at Playground Guardian™, a park and playground inspection company, needed a better way for field inspectors to log, store, and share records for playground inspections across the country. Their existing software was spread over multiple outdated systems, and they were losing business due to poor user experiences and internal inefficiencies. They wanted a simple solution that streamlined their inspection process and made data available to essential team members both quickly and easily.

The team at VIG provided custom desktop and mobile applications that took their services to new heights.

Playground Guardian™ Park Protector

Playground Guardian™ provides on-site playground and park inspection services to state and municipal clients across the country. In the past, their sales and services were managed through a variety of software and paper systems. They needed a modern, comprehensive, secure software system to connect their various services and resources across a range of users and devices.

Our Solution

VIG developed a Web-based application for the Park Protector inspection software and later developed corresponding Android mobile apps to serve the company’s inspectors and clients in state and municipal governments.

Web-Based Application
The Park Protector application is a software as a service (SaaS) that helps municipal and state park directors monitor their entire playground and park systems. The Web application is accessible from any computer with an Internet connection and works in tandem with the mobile apps to ensure that records remain secure and are easy to access from any location within the park.
Playground Guardian™ Park Protector App Dashboard Playground Guardian™ Park Protector App Reports Playground Guardian™ Park Protector App Admin Tool

iOS and Android Mobile Applications
Built to work with the Park Protector Web-based application, these mobile apps further increase efficiency in the inspection process. They allow field inspectors to access records and upload reports instantly from their mobile devices.

The addition of the iOS and Android apps makes the Park Protector the ultimate solution in playground management for a mobile world.
Playground Guardian™ Park Protector App2 playground-guardian-002

The Park Protector applications have helped Playground Guardian™ increase sales of its SaaS solution and increase revenue. They have also saved the company money by reducing internal inefficiency.

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