Print-Ready Training Materials:
Glatfelter’s VFIS Division

When VFIS, a leading insurer for emergency service providers, needed help taking their training materials from design to print, they came to VIG. The company had designed a range of instructional materials including DVDs, CDs, folders, manuals, and more, and they wanted to ensure that it all came together in an organized, cost-effective package for their clients.

We answered the call with professional print prep and fulfillment services.

VFIS Training Program

VFIS, a division of the Glatfelter Insurance Group, is a leading provider of insurance, education, and consulting services for emergency service organizations. The company had developed extensive training materials and designed them to fit the VFIS brand, but when it came to getting the materials ready for print, VFIS needed a helping hand.

Our Solution

Since the materials were already designed, there was a little pre-flighting involved. VIG provided design and layout changes as needed to get everything print-ready and prepared for labeling.

DVDs & CDs
These DVDs & CDs contained several safety training videos, resources, and a variety of software. VIG prepared and printed the DVDs/CDs, labels, and case slips.

Participant Manuals, Instructor Guides & Pocket Folders
Packaged away in large pocket folders, these safety and instruction manuals and guides for emergency services personnel needed to be prepped for print.
vfis training materials package

VIG brought the package in on deadline with within the VFIS team’s budget. We continue to manage updates to maintain the materials.

If you want to make sure your finished materials live up to your vision—and come in under your budget—talk to the VIG team about print fulfillment services.

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