About Visual Impact Group

For more than 20 years, Visual Impact Group (VIG) has been helping business and brands leverage the power of marketing to stand out from the crowd and make an impact. In the beginning, we helped clients get their messages out via print, direct mail, and other traditional media. As the marketing landscape evolved, we worked to keep our clients ahead of the curve with cutting-edge web development and digital marketing services. Today, we provide a full range of traditional and digital marketing services to clients at all stages of their marketing efforts from our office in downtown York, Pennsylvania.

While the digital revolution has made it easier than ever to get messages out to a wide audience, it has also made it all too easy to waste time and money on efforts that don’t yield results. That’s where VIG comes in. Over the past two decades, through all the changes in our industry, we’ve maintained a relentless focus on creating marketing tools and strategies that generate results our clients can measure and track.

If you’re doing plenty of marketing but not seeing an impact, if you’re feeling lost in a jungle of digital opportunity, if your marketing efforts feel like a shot in the dark instead of a well-executed plan, maybe it’s time to find a better guide.

Maybe it’s time to think VIG.