Sandler Training Sales Mastery Program:
Print & Fulfillment

When Sandler Training wanted to launch their new Sales Mastery Program, they knew they needed to deliver a complete package that captured the interest of instructors and students across the globe. They had course materials, supportive content, and clear goals for the project. They needed print & fulfillment to help create a strong package that was organized, user-friendly, and above all; lived up to the Sandler name.

We helped them put together a complete program from start to finish.

Sandler Training

Sandler Training is a global leader in professional leadership and sales training, with more than 250 offices worldwide. Their training and development programs cover vital topics professionals of every experience level can use.

The Sales Mastery program is Sandler’s latest addition to their extensive line of professional development programs. To deliver a strong launch across multiple markets, Sandler wanted a complete package that looked great and would last for years to come. They turned to VIG for print & fulfillment for all of the materials.

Our Solution

We provided printing, warehousing, and fulfillment for all the print collateral, including workbooks, binders, and supportive material.
Sales Mastery Program Training Literature: Print & Fulfillment by VIG

The Deliverables

Branded Workbook Binder
The Sales Mastery program includes detailed training modules that cover essential topics related to every aspect of professional selling. With detailed chapters related to communication strategies, best practices, and popular sales methods, Sandler needed a way to safely store and organize over 400 pages of course materials.

We developed a branded workbook binder to safely store all of the training materials in an easy to use layout. With a high-gloss finish and durable construction, these binders made a powerful statement for Sandler and will last for years to come.

Tool Tips Binder
To support their instructional course materials, Sandler developed worksheets, practice modules, and other supportive materials to reinforce the content outlined in their workbook. To keep this material organized for students and instructors alike, we developed a high-gloss binder that allowed pages to be inserted and removed for easy access.

Foundations Notebook
To help professionals access Sales Mastery materials on-the-go, we helped Sandler create a condensed version of their workbook binder. With essential course module materials cut down to around 100 pages, the Foundations Notebook was designed to fit easily into briefcases and bags to offer critical Sales Mastery materials to professionals almost anywhere.
Sandler Training Foundations Notebook: Print & Fulfillment
Sandler Training Sales Mastery Binder: Print & Fulfillment

The Sales Mastery program is Sandler’s latest addition to their line-up of professional development programs. Featuring turned-edge binders and a range of instructional course materials, Sales Mastery is one of the most comprehensive training programs on the market.

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Sandler Training