DENTSPLY Anniversary Materials

As DENTSPLY’s 100th anniversary approached, the company’s North American team wanted to create something tangible and memorable for their sales force to celebrate. Their goal was to highlight the company’s long history of creating innovative dental products and technologies, and introduce some new products along the way.

We delivered an “inside the box” solution.

DENTSPLY 100-Year Celebration Box

How do you celebrate a century of innovative product design and technologies? The VIG and DENTSPLY teams wanted to provide something that would be useful and exciting for their dedicated sales teams. We recommended a sales kit.

Our Solution

The commemorative box provided product samples and materials in a user-friendly kit. The VIG team provided design and layout for the project.

100-Year Celebration Box
This box was designed to be printed on heavy stock with a Velcro closure and a plastic handle. It features full-color product tabs for each of the four featured products, including custom containers for the samples. It also includes tear-away sales flier tablets for each product, allowing the user to easily share individual sheets while keeping the box in order.

The 100 Year Celebration Box helped build awareness for and drive sales of DENTSPLY’s products. It had a tremendous impact that exceeded the expectations of dentists and sales team members alike. It was a great way to commemorate this special occasion for DENTSPLY and VIG was proud to be there.

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