Sandler Training President’s Club
Offers Elite Sales Training

When global training leader Sandler Sales prepared to launch the President’s Club program, they wanted to build interest and leads for the course while providing instructors and participants with vital course materials using a mix of print and digital media. They also wanted to create a lasting resource that presented the program’s 17 training modules in an organized, user-friendly format.

We helped them set a course for success with the President’s Club training kit.

Sandler Training President’s Club

Sandler Training is a global leader in professional leadership and sales training, with more than 250 offices in 27 countries. Sandler’s newest professional development program, the President’s Club, is a critical addition to the company’s offerings. The company needed a strong launch to build interest in the new program with new and existing clients around the world.

Our Solution

We developed an instruction kit and a trainer’s kit that included digital media, offset and Web printing, and a system for inventory management. Each instruction kit contains:

  • 17 training modules, including workbooks
  • Branded turned-edge binder to hold all materials
  • Branded skinny turned-edge binder for easy transport to class
  • Pocket cards
  • MP3 cards and CDs

President's Club Image

The Deliverables

The kits include approximately 1,000 pages of detailed course materials with accompanying workbooks to reinforce and expand on the training modules. In addition, pocket cards provide quick references users can carry with them to remember key points and model important behaviors. Accompanying posters and other sales materials helped spread the word about the program, while an inventory management system ensured that materials were available and up to date when needed.

17 Training Modules, including Workbooks & Pocket Cards
This manual containing all the training modules and workbooks consists of almost 1,000 pages of valuable professional development training content.

Every kit also includes a President’s Club Pocket Card. These cards are built to go with you wherever you go as an easy reference to supplement your training. They’re printed on heavier stock and laminated with rounded edges, so you can carry yours confidently without snags and have it last for years to come.

President's Club Booklet

Branded Binders
VIG recommended branded turned-edge binders for their substantial look and feel and their superior durability. The binders are similar in construction to hardbound books, so they are built to last and to protect valuable training materials.
President's Club BinderMP3 Cards & CDs
Instead of juggling over 20 different audio reinforcement CDs, you can take on your training with just one, or use a USB drive. By using an MP3 format, all the audio reinforcement is contained in one CD for easy use. Additionally, each kit contains an MP3 card with lanyard. A USB drive is built into each card, so you can keep your audio training close and easily take it with you on the go.
President's Club CDs

The President’s Club has become one of the largest and most successful programs Sandler offers. It is currently in its third generation, with a fourth soon in development. Since the launch of the program, VIG has provided Print & Fulfillment as well as ongoing updates and regular reprinting workflows to maintain the inventory of all course materials.

Our goal was to create a durable, valuable resource that lived up to the Sandler brand and the President’s Club program. We also wanted to make it easy for Sandler to keep all of their materials up to date. We’re glad we were able to make the grade with the President’s Club Program kits.

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