5 Tips For Writing The Perfect Press Release

5 Tips For Writing The Perfect Press Release
 July 11, 2017

Press releases have become an everyday tool for marketing and advertising professionals in building awareness for their brands. At VIG we have seen many different types of press releases related to almost every industry. Working with a broad target market, it can be hard to write a strong press release for your client or business. Here at VIG we put together our 5 best tips for writing the perfect press release. Enjoy!

1. Audience Analysis

Whenever you write a press release or publish anything released to the public, you need to thoroughly understand your audience. Asking yourself questions like “Who are my readers?”, “What do my readers need to know?” and “What content is relevant to my audience?” should be the first step you take when drafting your press release. This will help you write a stronger piece and will likely increase the reach your press release has on your target audience.

2. Strong Hook

When it comes to press releases and other forms of copywriting, first impressions are everything. Making a strong impact on readers and grabbing their attention is becoming harder even for seasoned writers. One strategy I like to use is starting with a strong hook. A strong hook can be anything from an intriguing fact to a quote from a well-known source. The best hooks pull readers in and make them want to learn more. Starting off strong is the key to keeping readers attention until the very end.

3. Relevant Content

Understanding your readers and providing relevant content is the most important part of creating a press release, blog, or any other form of copywriting. Readers today simply don’t want to be bothered with content that doesn’t interest them or relate directly to their position or industry. Be honest. Do you really want to read a press release about the history of telephone books or deep space exploration? Probably not. Your readers are no different. Think about who your readers are and what they already know. Tailoring a press release to your target market’s unique needs and interests is the key to capturing their interests and building your reputation

4. Text vs. Graphics

When asked to write a press release, professionals in the marketing or advertising industries often focus the majority of their attention on written content. Many press releases fall short on successfully balancing text and graphics. So many press releases are strictly text or filled with irrelevant images. Finding a happy medium can be hard. A good rule of thumb is to split it 50/50. This could be in the form of maybe a paragraph or two related to the topic and then showing a graph as a reinforcement. This will help break up your text and make your press release easier to read for your audience.

5. Statistics & Data

Statistics, data, and technical specifications are important details related to your product or service. They help differentiate you from your competitors and help create a clear image in the mind of your readers. Unfortunately, if overdone, statistics and other data can make your press release seem overly technical and even hard to read.

When writing a press release its important to limit your use of statistics or specifications to only what your readers need. Think about what your target market already knows and how your press release can add value to their workday. Include statistics that surprise your readers but don’t require a doctorate to understand. If you can do this, your press release will help build credibility for your brand and keep readers coming back in the future.

Writing a strong press release is critical in today’s marketplace. Professionals in almost every industry are faced with a growing need to successfully leverage PR to build their brand presence. VIG works with brands just like yours every day. To learn more about how we put our creative spin on press releases, drop us a line or send us and email. We love writing about creative solutions with real results.