Lead Gen & Appointment Scheduling For Facebook Messenger

Lead Gen & Appointment Scheduling For Facebook Messenger
 May 10, 2019

Last week Facebook announced two unique updates for Facebook Messenger at their annual Developer Conference. These updates are aimed at helping businesses connect with customers and drive leads through the Messenger tool. These features are already gaining popularity in beta testing and deliver a powerful opportunity for businesses.

The first update Facebook highlighted are lead generation templates for Ads Manager. Businesses will be able to launch unique ads that direct users to forms in Messenger with automated questions and answer flows. As users fill out responses to the automated questions, businesses can learn more about their target audience and get the conversation going with potential customers.

In the example below, a clothing retailer would capture a user’s attention with a sponsored ad and then direct them to Facebook Messenger with an automated prompt. Following through the prompt, the users could provide information regarding clothing styles, order information and even shipping preferences. The final step in the process allows the clothing retailer to close the lead and collect final order information.

Facebook also branched out and created a way businesses can sync their scheduling system with the Messenger Platform API. Using the lead generation templates, users can follow a sponsored ad through a prompt and see available appointment times for a business. Within a few simple clicks, users can select a date and time that works best for them and make a reservation directly in Messenger.

This useful feature could help boost appointments in everything from salons, restaurants, to even your local dentist.

These updates to Facebook’s already popular Messenger platform are a new strategy Facebook is rolling out to help businesses make direct connections with users. It will be exciting to see how fast businesses adopt these features, and conversely how users respond.

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