Aspire Facebook Campaign More Than Triples Likes

Aspire Facebook Campaign More Than Triples Likes
 August 1, 2016

Aspire Prosthetics & Orthotics, Inc. was a new clinic, and also new to the York area. The co-founder and executive director, Knittel Ansa, L-CPO, BSE reached out to Visual Impact Group for a small Facebook campaign to increase Page Likes.

At the time, his clinic was in a temporary space while renovations were taking place in what would become the clinic’s more permanent residence. Patients and partnerships were not the problem, he had plenty of those from his wide breadth of experience and research. The issue was simply that his patients weren’t sure where to find him now that he opened his own clinic, instead of growing someone else’s.

When the Aspire Facebook page came to us, it had 116 Likes. Over a 3-month, low-budget campaign, we were able to more than triple the Likes on the page. At the end of the campaign, it had 424 Likes and a video that reached over 9,000 people!

Our Strategy

Because our monthly budget was limited, we stuck to delivering posts consistently throughout the month, boosting a few of them, and also running a couple of ad campaigns.

These “dark posts” (Facebook Ads) drove the majority of Page Likes, since they were specifically targeting people in our audience segments that did not already like the page.

The boosted posts did garner a few Page Likes here and there, but mostly they improved engagement on the page. Plus, the consistent stream of posts during the 3-month campaign gave page visitors a reason to want to like the page.

Posts ranged from educational to inspirational, and included both company announcements and patient stories.

Since we knew our involvement in the Facebook page would be coming to an end, we finished things off with a short video we pulled together from an interview with Knittel. This video was the last post of the campaign, and it was boosted as well.

It’s still getting attention. At the end of the campaign, it had reached over 9,000 people, garnered over 3,300 views, 121 Likes & Reactions, and 55 shares.

Check out the video first-hand here:

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