The Benefits of Call Tracking

The Benefits of Call Tracking
 August 10, 2017

Understanding the path customers take from learning about your product or service to making a final purchase can sometimes be a challenge. Tracking leads coming from multiple sources can make analyzing metrics difficult for even savvy marketing professionals. Call tracking is a powerful tool that you can use to gain a better understanding of customer traffic and improve your marketing campaigns.

Call tracking software is a unique way you can get a better understanding of leads coming into your business. There are several different levels of call tracking. Each can help you analyze traffic from different sources.

Keyword Level Tracking

Keyword research is a popular method to help rank websites for SEO and plays a big role in PPC campaigns. Call Tracking allows you to analyze traffic from a keyword perspective and gain a better idea of which keywords are leading users to your website.

After you set up call tracking through software, you’re assigned multiple phone numbers that are unique to your business. These phone numbers are placed on PPC ads in search results and link directly to your website. Whenever a customer calls your business using one of these unique phone numbers, you’ll be able to track what paid ad and keyword it stemmed from (Kissmetrics, 2017).

This is a simple way that you can understand which keywords your customers are searching for and how successful your paid ads are at generating leads to your business.

Campaign Level Tracking

Campaign level tracking allows you to analyze conversion metrics from different mediums both on and offline. Similar to Keyword tracking, it requires an initial setup process. What makes campaign level tracking so popular is that you can assess different campaign elements side-by-side. From phone calls, television ads, billboards, and so much more.

Through analyzing traffic and leads from traditional and digital campaigns, you can decide which methods work for you and ultimately which ones need to be changed. After time and consideration, you will be able to put together a strong campaign that will help you get the most out of your budget.

Multi-Channel Attribution Tracking

Like many online consumers, you probably shop around and do your research when making a big purchase or looking for the best deal. While shopping, you might visit a website selling the hottest holiday gifts, scroll through a few items, and leave the site.

Later you may decide to revisit the site and revise your shopping cart to include forgotten gift ideas or extra accessories. After that, you may decide to make your final purchase.

This process could take a few hours or a few days. One of the biggest challenges for marketing professionals today is getting a comprehensive analysis of this traffic and monitoring activity across multiple channels.

Multi-Channel Attribution Tracking allows you to view the entire process a customer takes online from clicking on a paid ad to making a purchase and every step in between. It goes beyond traditional methods like Google Analytics and provides you with an overview of which channels are responsible for conversions and generating traffic. This can help you calculate ROI for a campaign or help you understand where you need to rework existing promotions to get the most out of your efforts.

Call Tracking can be a powerful way to analyze large amounts of traffic data related to your website or business. Companies across the country have leveraged call tracking in combination with other marketing tools to assess the strength of their integrated campaigns.

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