Consumer Behavior in a Digital Age: How to Stand Out from the Crowd

Consumer Behavior in a Digital Age: How to Stand Out from the Crowd
 May 18, 2017

In today’s crowded marketplace consumers have an endless amount of options to choose from when selecting products or services. Advertisers and marketing professionals alike often try to answer the question of how to make their brands stand out from the crowd. No longer are the days when simple advertisements in store windows and billboards are sufficient in cutting through the clutter in a consumer’s mind. In today’s market consumers are turning to digital sources to develop their consideration and evoked sets.

Think of a consumer’s consideration set as all the brands they can possibly think of when thinking about a product category such as cars. Their evoked set is all of the brands they are seriously considering purchasing or at least finding more information about. Professionals today obviously want their brands to end up in a consumer’s evoked set. The question is how?

In order to successfully capture a consumer’s attention and arrive in the evoked set, you need to understand how digital content influences the consumer decision making process (CDM). Like most consumers, you usually don’t make an important purchase decision without doing some form of research first. The collection of information is one of the most important and influential stages in the CDM. It’s important that your target market can quickly and easily find information on your product or service and determine whether it meets their needs.

This information could be in the form of product specifications on your e-commerce site, demonstrational videos on your YouTube account, or even simple product and service descriptions that are clear and to the point. The easier consumers can find your product or service and understand how it meets their unique needs, the more likely your brand is going to end up cutting through the clutter and grabbing the customer’s attention.

Once your brand has arrived in your target market’s evoked set, the selection process begins. This is a great step to be in for your brand. It allows you to show off your strengths and differentiate yourself from your competitors. A comparison tool built into your e-commerce site or mobile app is a great way for customers to compare brands side by side. It builds credibility for your brand and also generates leads to your site. Another method you could utilize is testimonials featuring recent customers who have switched to your brand without cognitive dissonance. It provides a candid way to let your customers empathize with consumers seeking similar product or service benefits.

Creating top-of-mind awareness for your brand and standing out in a crowded marketplace is something every business strives to achieve. Utilizing various tools and strategies, it can be hard to decide which direction to go or where to start. In today’s market consumers are looking for creative products and services to make a meaningful impact on their lives. The question you need to answer is does your brand have what it takes to stand out from the crowd and deliver exceptional results in the future.

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