DENTSPLY RINN Launches First Website

DENTSPLY RINN Launches First Website
 May 1, 2016

VIG recently wrapped up another project for one of our largest clients, DENTSPLY. Challenged with raising awareness for their RINN line of products, VIG developed a completely new custom website and strategy.

The objective of creating this website was to generate interest for the brand among dental care providers and provide relevant information about their products.

DENTSPLY RINN is a leading manufacturer of universal holders and accessories for dental equipment. Since their humble beginnings in the 1920’s, DENTSPLY RINN has built an outstanding reputation in the dental industry.

Manufacturing popular products like bitewing holders, there’s a good chance your dentist has used some of their products. To generate leads to their website and grow brand awareness, DENTSPLY RINN came to VIG for advice.

New Responsive Website Design

Our team of passionate professionals at VIG designed this website from scratch. Everything from the design, layout, coding, and content was carefully planned and executed.

The client wanted a website that was attractive and provided potential clients with essential information. Rich company history, product documentation, and even demonstrational videos were incorporated into the layout.

Visual Impact Group is looking forward to continuing to work with DENTSPLY RINN in the future. We’re passionate about building life-long relationships with clients and being a part of their success. To see some of our other DENTSPLY projects check out our website today.