Frey Lutz Upgrades Website with Responsive Redesign

Frey Lutz Upgrades Website with Responsive Redesign
 February 23, 2016

Frey Lutz is a leader in the plumbing and HVAC construction industry. A family-oriented business, they’ve been serving south-central Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas for close to 40 years.

Their mission is to deliver the highest quality of customer service and workmanship. They take pride in their award-winning work, value the safety and well-being of their employees, and always go above and beyond for their customers.

With a reputation like that, their website needs to back it up and continue to provide excellent service and an excellent experience for online visitors. Their previous site was functional but didn’t offer an experience up to par with the Frey Lutz reputation. It also wasn’t easily managed or updated in-house.

A new, responsive design on WordPress was just the solution they needed. Take a look at the new!

Easy Navigation & Content Updates

Commercial and Residential services are combined into one site. They are listed as separate service sections with a clear, easy navigation to ensure visitors can find exactly what they need as efficiently as possible. Content has been overhauled to include more valuable information about more services.

A Prominent Place for Projects

A Projects section showcases their award-winning projects with beautiful pictures and detailed descriptions.

Employee Resource Center

The site isn’t just for customers, it’s for the Frey Lutz family of employees too. An Employee Resource Center has the built-in functionality to keep employees updated with news, relevant HR documents and updated insurance documentation, and the current projects.

With WordPress, it’s easy for the Frey Lutz team to update the site moving forward and to continue to provide an experience online worthy of the great reputation they have cultivated for almost 40 years offline.

Check out the new and be sure to take a look at the case study for more details!