Top Tips for Promoting Your Brand Through Facebook

Top Tips for Promoting Your Brand Through Facebook
 September 26, 2017

We’re all aware of the popularity of Facebook. From teens looking to catch up on the latest gossip to savvy shoppers looking for updates on their favorite brands, more and more people are turning to Facebook as a leading source of information. Like many businesses, you’ve probably tried to get in on this trend and created a dedicated account just for your business.

Whether you manufacture the highest quality products or provide the best customer service around, you understand just how powerful Facebook can be in developing a clear line of communication with current and potential customers.

Like many businesses, you’ve probably tried to have a Facebook account that provides a basic overview of your business. You might have your logo uploaded as your profile picture and a brief description in the about section. However, like many businesses, you probably don’t have a clear plan for promoting your brand and generating leads through Facebook.

At VIG we’ve seen this with several of our clients and decided to put together our list of tips that any business can use to strengthen their Facebook profile. Here’s a list of our best tips & tricks for beginners and professionals.

Develop A Content Strategy

For years, businesses have used Facebook as a placeholder for essential information. Posting everything from basic contact info to store hours on holidays, many businesses use their accounts to provide customers with all the general information they need to know.

However, where many businesses and brands fall short in managing their Facebook accounts is posting engaging content on a regular basis. Think of posting content like sharing the latest updates with your customers. You want them to know about the latest deals and news going with your business. You also don’t want to spam them with boring or irrelevant info that turns them away.

To effectively reach your target market and open a line of communication, you need to create a clear strategy and schedule for your Facebook content. You need to sit down with your management team and develop clear goals and objectives for the content you post. Questions like: Do we post blogs about industry trends or create posts highlighting our company culture? Do we create events pages for our 50th Anniversary or do we create a promoted ad for our new product?

Answering these questions and getting a few solid ideas together is the first step to improving both your brand’s image and customer’s experience. When you feel confident about what you want to post and the message you want to support, there are several tools you can use to get everything organized.

Hootsuite is an online tool we use to schedule all of our social media posts. With this tool, you can manage all your posts from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn under one account. It’s an easy way to keep track of everything and gives you a clear schedule to follow.

Hubspot offers software designed to make managing your social media accounts easier. With an interactive dashboard displaying content from all your linked accounts, you can easily post to Facebook, Twitter, and other popular platforms all in one location. Like Hubspot’s other feature, you can request support almost anytime anywhere.

Create A Professional Facebook Page

Creating a Facebook account for your business doesn’t require an advanced degree. Millions of businesses create new accounts every year. However, if you want to get the most out of your efforts, you need to make sure you start off on the right foot.

When setting up your initial Facebook page, you need to make sure you set it up as a business. This will give you the opportunity to add necessary information and unlock certain features like paid ads and analytics. It will also allow you to access unique tools that you can use to reach your customers.

If you’re new to Facebook, there are several easy-to-follow steps that will guide you in the right direction. If you need help or clarification, Facebook offers support and other resources to help you with any questions along the way.

Fill Out Each Section

One of the easiest ways to improve the overall appearance of your brand’s Facebook page is to complete each section. As simple as it sounds, having a complete resource where customers can find information about your brand, product, or service is essential to maintaining a professional image in the marketplace.

Unfortunately, many businesses simply create a page and fill out the minimum amount of information necessary to get the page posted. This may work as a temporary solution, but let me warn you. If customers visit your page and see blank entry fields or get the impression you put minimal effort into posting content, chances are they aren’t going to be exited to visit again or contact you in the future.

From a marketing perspective, you need to understand that your Facebook page is an extension of your brand. Your page should provide users with essential information like contact info, a description of your products/services, and something engaging that gives them a reason to come back in the future.

Monitor Comments

Facebook is an excellent platform for individuals to share their thoughts and ideas about certain topics. Whether its opinions surrounding political candidates or reviews of the latest blockbuster movies, users will share their feelings and create a digital conversation.

As I’m sure you’re aware, sometimes users can post serious or negative comments that need to be approached carefully and professionally. While there is no one-set way for handling every situation, you need to acknowledge severe situations and monitor comments posted to your page.

This can help you establish a clear line of communication. With this you can help mitigate issues and potentially resolve them before they get worse. Remember, no one is perfect at resolving conflicts. However, a simple follow up with customers can help improve your relationship and give you the opportunity to make a positive impact on the situation.

Facebook has changed the way consumers and brands interact. From allowing us to post promoted ads to sharing unique content, Facebook has provided a platform that truly brings many of us together. If you’re looking to improve your brand image and promote your business like never before, try uncovering some of the latest insights Facebook. You won’t be disappointed!