The Importance of Being Mobile-Friendly

The Importance of Being Mobile-Friendly
 June 29, 2017

Everyday millions of internet users browse, shop, and share their thoughts over the internet. From desktops, tablets, to smartphones, consumers can access your website and digital content whenever and wherever they want. It’s no surprise that over 51% of internet traffic comes from mobile devices. In today’s growing marketplace, reaching current and potential customers is a focus of every business. Responsive web design is no longer an option, it’s a need!

In simple terms, responsive website design is the practice of making your website layout fit the dimensions and format of a user’s device. Making your website adjust for different screen sizes, resolutions, orientation, and operating systems are just a few areas responsive design covers.

Some of you may be asking why responsive web design is important. Have you ever been on a website on your smartphone or tablet and couldn’t read the text or click on buttons to navigate through different pages? Do you ever have to zoom in on the screen to find what you’re looking for or have ads that appear way too big? Responsive web design addresses these issues and make sure your website looks appropriate across different devices for your users.

Responsive web design isn’t just something that makes your website look attractive to visitors. Responsive web design is a pivotal part of managing your brand’s reputation and generating leads to your business. A hot topic among professionals today is SEO. SEO and its many intricacies affects how internet users search for, find, and interact with your online content.

Google uses several methods to rank your website in a search. Ensuring your website is mobile-friendly is one of them. Google will crawl your website and evaluate it based on the quality of the content and how well your website accommodates users across different devices. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly and doesn’t display content in an easy-to-use way, chances are it will negatively affect your search rankings compared to your competitors.

Building and maintaining a responsive website is an ongoing process. It requires careful planning, designing, and editing to get everything just right. Our development team builds and designs websites for clients every day. If you’re interested in putting together a responsive website but aren’t sure where to start, Think VIG!