SEO 101: The Value of Link Building

SEO 101: The Value of Link Building
 October 4, 2017

For years, SEO experts and industry gurus have published thousands of blogs highlighting the value of link building and current best practices. From giving tips for writing blogs about industry trends to submitting domains to directories, experts have covered many of the essential tips for improving your site’s SEO.

Recently, experts have debated about the effectiveness of link building and criticized certain widely used tactics. Many argue that link building is dying and content driven SEO practices are paramount in improving ranking on SERPS pages.

In conjunction with best practices outlined by bloggers regarding algorithm updates and the latest search trends, link building is still a relevant way to improve the organic SEO of your website. Here I’ve put together an overview of a few new link building tactics that can help your business improve search rankings and get the word out about your brand. Take a look!

Expanding Your Network

It’s no surprise that networking is an effective way to grow your business and generate new leads. For years, experts on all topics of business have enthusiastically covered networking as one of the most important ways to promote your brand.

Believe it or not, networking can also be applied to SEO and link building. Think of your clients as potential referrals and link building opportunities. If you’ve worked directly with your client on a unique or important project, try asking for a shout-out.

It doesn’t have to be a lengthy love-letter, just something simple to get your name (and link) in front of more people. If they have a page for case studies or press releases, see if they’re interested in sharing a story about your company and product/service.

This can be a great way to not only get a candid testimonial but also a valuable link directly to your site.

Relevant Content & News

Countless experts have mentioned how writing tailored blogs about current topics in your industry is a great way improve content-driven SEO. Experts have also mentioned the power of readers sharing your blog content and how it can help drive leads for your website.

Writing blogs and unique content about the latest industry trends is not only a great way to get recognized, it’s also a great way to create links back to your site.

For example, let’s say you run a catering company that specializes in wedding cakes and delicious treats. You could write a blog about the top ideas for planning a wedding on a budget and maybe have it shared on a wedding planning site or referenced by a curious blogger.

This relevant content that generates traffic back to your website is one of the most well-known link-building strategies to improving your SEO.

Expert Roundups

Adding credibility to your website and brand can pay powerful dividends in the future. Blogging is a popular method for publishing new content that done well, can also earn you credibility in your field.

One way to do this is through a strategy termed “Expert Roundups”. As the name implies, this method entails referencing or quoting an industry expert or well-known individual with the hope of having your article shared. Sometimes this may be a wishful goal but regardless can demonstrate to your readers that you have current industry knowledge and expertise.

Link building has long been a popular topic among SEO experts and passionate professionals. From learning about algorithm updates from Google to sharing the latest insider tips & tricks, link building has been on the forefront of SEO practices for over a decade. I hope the sections above spark your interest in link building and let you uncover key insights that can help your business.

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