Video Marketing: The Future of Content

Video Marketing: The Future of Content
 June 22, 2017

It’s no surprise more people are creating, sharing, and watching videos across the internet. From YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and now Snapchat, internet users have endless opportunities to connect with digital content. Now more than ever is the importance of video marketing clear in making your message reach the eyes of your customers.

Video marketing has many advantages over traditional types of media. Simply put, it has a greater ability to reach a large audience of users compared to more common types of advertising including banner ads or even radio spots. The main advantage to video marketing is how easily it engages a user.

Like most people, it’s probably easy for you to ignore an email sent to your inbox labeled “coupon” or “promotion”. However, when you’re watching your favorite YouTube channel and a video ad appears you might be inclined to see what exactly it’s about. This has become so popular that many of the top brands today have their own YouTube channels dedicated to their promotional videos.

Do you remember that breathtaking video from GoPro? Or that amazing launch video for the new iPhone from Apple? Chances are you do and this goes to show just how powerful video marketing has become.

We’ve helped several of our clients create their own videos in the past. These videos ranged from agriculture to medical devices and everything in between. We believe video marketing is an effective way of reaching new clients and delivering vital information to end users.

To learn more about the Cavitron Touch from DENTSPLY, view our case study.


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The need for businesses to integrate video marketing into their content strategy is no longer an option. Content posted on popular social media outlets and company websites is changing the way businesses reach their customers. In the future rich media like video is going to become a focus of digital advertising across every industry.


To stay ahead of competitors and at the forefront of customers minds, look and see how you can leverage the power of video marketing for your business.

HighQ, a leading source for all things content marketing, created a great illustration about the benefits of video marketing in 2017. Take a look and see just how much video marketing affects our lives today and in the future.

Video Marketing Graphic Outline


Are you using video in your marketing? If not – it’s not too late!

Contact our team today and lets reach out to your audience with video marketing. Think VIG!