VIG Helps Local Manufacturer Manage Digital Brand Presence

VIG Helps Local Manufacturer Manage Digital Brand Presence
 January 8, 2018

Two years ago a local manufacturer came to the VIG team with a unique challenge. They had a recently redesigned website and marketing materials for one of their latest brands, but weren’t meeting their sales targets. After months of trying different initiatives, they realized they needed a fresh approach.

At the time, Datum Storage Solutions managed three different brands. Under Argos, Datum, and Intellerum, the manufacturer produced innovative storage solutions for multiple industries. From high-density filing systems to laptop charging carts and weapons lockers, Datum is a leading provider of secure storage products for a range of different applications.

Their ArgosSecurity line is dedicated to developing practical storage products for police, security, and military applications. With products ranging from weapons cabinets to pistol lockers, the new Argos line needed a strong digital presence to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

The team at VIG came up with a creative solution

ArgosSecurity Website Redesign

After taking a look at the Argos website, we realized it wasn’t providing the best user-experience for their audience. From thin content to a lack of product information, we knew the website needed to work harder to grow the brand. After exploring different options with the Datum team, we decided building a custom website would be the best solution.

We spent months planning, designing, drafting, and editing the website’s design. After closely collaborating with the Datum team, we laid out a fresh website that was easy-to-use and that made a powerful statement for the Argos Brand. We also put together a post-launch marketing campaign to re-engage customers and bolster sales moving forward.

Custom Website Design Datum

Email Marketing Datum

Fresh Datum Website

Once we began to build a strong relationship with the team at Datum, we learned about their other brands. After we launched the Argos website, we began to talk with Datum about ways they could improve their website as well. From the layout to the design, we had many ideas for how we could improve their brand’s digital presence.

The original Datum website featured a basic layout with content related to various products and features. With a strong focus on content tailored to dealers, Datum wanted to reorganize their website to meet the needs of their sales team and end users as well. We created a custom website to fit everyone’s needs.

Using the WordPress platform, we created a fresh layout for their website. We worked closely with their management team to determine the goals, usage patterns, and unique needs of each of their audiences. After months of planning and development work, we unveiled a website that not only fit the needs of multiple users but also positioned the brand for future growth

To help Datum manage their growing portfolio of brands, products, and installations, we also built a custom multisite manager using WordPress. Now Datum can easily update content for each of their sites in one location. Saving their team time and resources.

Datum Website Image

Datum Website Screenshot

Intellerum E-Commerce Website

Almost a year ago, Datum came to us with interest in updating their Intellerum brand. Dedicated to providing cutting-edge storage solutions for laptops, tablets, netbooks, and other electronic devices, Datum wanted the opportunity to sell their Intellerum products directly online. They wanted a site that helped position the brand in the market and that was also easy-to-use.

We worked with the Datum team to create a one of a kind e-commerce website. We did everything including developing dedicated pages for each product to creating a useful product configurator tool that helps customers find the right storage solution for their needs. The result was a comprehensive online resource where Intellerum customers could find everything they needed to select their future storage solution.

Datum Intellerum Screenshot

Datum Custom e-Commerce Website Development

Over two years ago, VIG partnered with Datum Storage Solutions to help revamp their digital brand presence. After rebuilding three of their largest websites and acting as a second hand to their marketing team, we helped Datum take each of their brands to the next level. We accepted each unique challenge that came our way and couldn’t have been happier to partner with one of the leading manufacturers in York, PA

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