VIG Helps Raise Awareness For Oral Cancer

VIG Helps Raise Awareness For Oral Cancer
 September 1, 2016

When the marketing team at DentalEZ needed to build sales for their Identafi oral cancer screening device, they took a hard look at their sales collateral and decided it could be working harder for them. They thought a fresh approach to the design, imagery, and content might help them improve performance and reach their sales goals. They asked VIG for some of their creative magic.

Identafi is an oral cancer screening system under StarDental Instruments, a DentalEZ product line. It uses different wavelengths of light to identify cell changes in the mouth, throat, tongue, and tonsils that may indicate oral cancer. Their existing sales brochures included a lot of imagery, but they weren’t producing significant results.

New Oral Cancer Screening Product Collateral

VIG recommended a design and content overhaul that provided information on oral cancer screenings and their positive benefits. The VIG team developed new collateral for both the dental care provider and patient audiences.

The provider brochure provided a brief, high-level guide for using the Identafi system. The patient brochure explained the signs and symptoms of oral cancer as well as how Identafi screening works. Both stressed the importance of oral cancer screenings but were able to provide relevant information to the different audiences.

oral cancer screening sales materials
oral cancer screening sales materials 002

oral cancer screening sales materials 003

The design and content of the new collateral for Identafi helped provide valuable information to both the patients and providers of oral care. It allowed Identafi to get the most out of their sales materials and reach new clients.

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