Launching in a Crowded Market:
The TekCart GLC

When you’re introducing a product into a crowded market, it’s important to get a strong message out that shows why your offering is worth a closer look. That’s the challenge Intellerum by Datum® faced for the product launch strategy of their TekCart GLC, a media cart for classrooms. Intellerum needed to elbow aside the competition and create some market space for this “great little cart.”

VIG’s product launch strategy gave the TekCart a smart start.

Intellerum TekCart GLC Product Launch Strategy

Intellerum by Datum® is a brand that provides secure technology storage. Intellerum spent a lot of time and resources developing the TekCart GLC, a tech cart for the classroom that provided features and capabilities unmatched by competitor carts at the same price point. But the market was crowded with similar products aimed at the same audience. Intellerum needed to break through the noise and draw attention to the TekCart GLC’s key features and advantages.

Our Solution
After several information-gathering and strategy sessions with the team at Intellerum, we developed brand messaging that drove home TekCart GLC’s unique benefits. We provided photography, including creative direction and shooting, and wrote copy for print collateral and the Web. We designed sell sheets and developed a microsite with eCommerce capabilities to drive early sales.

eCommerce Microsite
Built on the WordPress CMS, the TekCart GLC microsite is responsive and user-friendly. With WooCommerce, it also has eCommerce functionality, allowing users to browse, research and buy in a handful of clicks.
custom-ecommerce-website-design-product launch strategy-001 custom-ecommerce-website-design-product launch strategy-002 custom-ecommerce-website-design-product launch strategy-003

Sell Sheets
VIG created sell sheets to showcase all the benefits and features that make the TekCart GLC stand out from the competition.
tekcart-product-launch strategy-sell-sheet

We photographed the TekCart GLC in classroom settings to emphasize its suitability for use in its target market of colleges, universities, libraries, and schools.
behind-the-scenes-tekcart-product launch strategy
tekcart-product launch strategy-001
tekcart-product launch strategy-002
tekcart-product launch strategy-003

VIG continues to work with Intellerum to deliver innovative products to the marketplace. With a full-line of carts and accessories, Intellerum offers secure technology storage for almost any application.

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