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When Dentsply prepared a product launch for a groundbreaking new technology for clinicians, dentists, and dental hygienists worldwide, they needed a campaign that went beyond traditional marketing. In addition to enticing new and existing clients to try the new technology, the company needed to teach them how to use it. And they needed to reach out to them in their native languages.

With so much at stake, they turned to VIG.

Cavitron Touch™ Product Launch

Dentsply Professional’s Cavitron Touch Ultrasonic Scaling System with Steri-Mate® 360 is an innovative technology that makes dental procedures more comfortable and secure for patients and dental care providers alike. Dentsply needed to promote the new product to clinicians, dentists, and dental hygienists internationally. The campaign would also need to educate clients and generate leads for in-office demonstrations.

Our Solution

We developed an integrated marketing communications campaign with the goal of driving brand awareness and capturing market share across multiple international markets. The core of the campaign featured a custom multilingual website that showcased the Cavitron Touch™ and allowed dental professionals around the world to request product demos and access essential information.

The product launch marketing initiatives included a combination of print and digital media working in conjunction to support the overall campaign goals. Everything from a dedicated email campaign, multi-media videos, and printed product literature were created to promote both Dentsply and the Cavitron Touch™.

To build interest for the product launch, promotional email campaigns were developed to deliver tailored messages to Dentsply’s current and prospective customers. Multi-media teaser videos were also created to build awareness among dental professionals and highlight the differentiating features of the Cavitron Touch™.

To reach potential customers searching for industry related products, we developed a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign with remarketing to increase top-of-mind awareness as well as demo submissions. To provide the sales team with engaging materials for trade shows and other events, we also created sell sheets, a tutorial video, and keynote launch video to capture the attention of potential clients around the globe.

The website in tandem with Digital Marketing & Advertising tools helped Dentsply establish a strong presence across multiple markets. From concept to completion, we delivered custom solutions to Dentsply that met their unique needs and helped position their brand for the future.

The Deliverables

Multilingual Website

Built on the WordPress platform, we developed a custom website to provide information to dental professionals across multiple markets. Everything from the content, layout, design, and coding was done from scratch to create a unique user-experience for Dentsply’s clients. We worked directly with Dentsply’s team to incorporate as much product-specific content as possible to educate users and create a comprehensive online resource.

To reach professionals in each one of Dentsply’s markets, we integrated IP tracking to detect visitors’ countries of origin and deliver content in their native language. This allowed the new website to reach different target markets and create the best user experience possible.

Dentsply Product Launch Multi-Lingual Website Screenshot
Dentsply Product Launch Multi-Lingual Website Screenshot2
Dentsply Product Launch Multi-Lingual Website Screenshot3

Dentsply Keynote Introduction Video
We developed an Apple-style keynote presentation introducing Cavitron Touch and showcasing its features and uses. The marketing team used the video at trade shows and other industry-related events.

3D Animated Teaser Video
Before the launch, we developed videos showcasing the Cavitron Touch. The animations were developed in 3D Studio Max and based on AutoCAD drawings. The team at Visual Impact Group created the renderings, provided voice talent and storyboarding, and completed the animation.

“Delight & Surprise” Video Campaign
The VIG team of content strategists, designers, and developers attended Dentsply’s sales training sessions and clinician training sessions to ensure we knew the product inside and out. From those sessions, we developed a video campaign showcasing the product’s unveiling to dentists, dental hygienists, and clinicians. The video captured the excitement of the launch and the value of the product from users’ perspectives. We incorporated the video into post-launch marketing.

Tutorial Video
For each product they launch, Dentsply Professional releases a series of videos illustrating how the product works and instructing clinicians in its proper use. This is a sample video that our team at Visual Impact Group shot, edited, and provided voice-overs for.

Multi-Audience Email Campaign

In the months leading up to the release of the Cavitron Touch™, we launched two email marketing campaigns. The campaigns were separated into current and prospective customers for Dentsply professional and gave an overview of the Cavitron Touch™. Each email focused on raising awareness for the product launch and included a strong call-to-action to drive requests for product demonstrations.

In total, over 15 thousand emails were sent to Dentsply’s internal contacts. Following the release of each email, the VIG team analyzed key metrics like open rates, unique clicks, and traffic directed to the new website through Google Analytics. During the months of August through October, the email campaign in conjunction with PPC ads helped steadily increase website traffic and improved organic SEO rankings.

Dentsply Product Launch Email Campaign Screenshot

Dentsply Product Launch Email Campaign Screenshot2

Google AdWords Price-Per-Click (PPC) Campaign

To build awareness for the Cavitron Touch™ and capture the attention of dental professionals during the pre-launch phase of the campaign, VIG put together PPC ads for Google’s Search and Display networks. With our team of graphic designers and content strategists, we created captivating ads directed towards Dentsply’s specific target markets.

Each ad highlighted the Cavitron Touch™ and provided a strong call-to-action to help drive leads and demo requests. Our team of strategists performed extensive keyword research for each ad group and analyzed key metrics to measure performance.

From August to October, the PPC campaign received over two thousand unique clicks and over 500 thousand impressions. In conjunction with the multi-audience email campaign and other promotional materials, both Dentsply and the Cavitron Touch™ received strong attention from professionals in the dental industry.

Dentsply Product Launch PPC Display Ad

Dentsply Product Launch PPC Display Ad2

In a matter of a few months, Dentsply received nearly 1,000 pre-launch and post-launch submissions on the new website. In addition to marketing the product with PPC and email campaigns, we equipped the sales team with marketing materials and videos for ongoing promotions as well.

When launching a complex technology, it’s critical to have all the pieces in place to equip users and ensure its acceptance. This Integrated Marketing Communications campaign attracted, inspired, and educated Dentsply’s target market through engaging content and multiple lines of communication. Now that’s something to smile about.

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