When a Campaign Misses the Mark: Recalibrate
ArgosSECURITY™ Responsive Website Design

When Datum Storage Solutions® launched the ArgosSECURITY™ weapons storage product line, the company had clear sales goals and an established presence within their target market. They created a dedicated website and accompanying marketing materials, but after a few months, their efforts were falling short of the mark. They asked VIG to recalibrate their strategy around a responsive website design.

See what we did to put their product launch back on target.

ArgosSECURITY™ by Datum Storage Solutions

Datum Storage Solutions® crafts innovative, state-of-the-art secure storage solutions. When the company introduced the ArgosSECURITY™ line for storing weapons, records, and evidence, the Datum team started with a sound strategy. They rolled out a website and spread the word to new and existing customers in the police, military, and private markets. They should have been hitting their sales targets, but they weren’t.

Our Solution

The VIG team found that thin content and sparse product pictures on their dedicated website left visitors with little information about Argos or the military, police and security, residential, and custom weapons storage solutions they could provide. We built a responsive website design that showcased each of their security solutions to make it easy for customers to find what they were looking for.

Each of the Argos product lines is featured in its own section, with sample cases of installations to illustrate their applications. A news and upcoming events section keep visitors up-to-date on industry and company news as well as upcoming trade shows and conferences to attend. The flow of fresh content also helps the site attract traffic.

VIG completed the campaign with a monthly eNewsletter. The eNews helps Datum secure leads and builds relationships with new and existing clients for the ArgosSECURITY™­ line.

The Deliverables

Responsive ArgosSECURITY™ Website
We developed a responsive website design on the WordPress platform showcasing all ArgosSECURITY™ product lines.

In addition to showcasing their custom work, the website illustrates specific solutions Datum provides for military, police & security, and residential clients.
ArgosSECURITY™-weapon-storage-responsive website design 001
ArgosSECURITY™-weapon-storage-responsive website design 002
ArgosSECURITY™-weapon-storage-responsive website design 003

Monthly eNewsletter
Designed and developed just for the Argos brand, The Guardian is the monthly eNewsletter for customers with weapons storage needs. It includes a roundup of useful news, a featured solution, and upcoming shows and conferences.
ArgosSECURITY™-responsive website design-monthly-email-newsletter-designs
ArgosSECURITY™ responsive website design-monthly-email-newsletter-designs2
ArgosSECURITY™ responsive website design-monthly-email-newsletter-designs

Since we’ve launched the website, the bounce rate, which measures the number of visitors who leave the site without engaging, dropped from 90 percent to below 50 percent. With the addition of monthly marketing, visits from organic search increased nearly 260 percent, visits from social networks increased nearly 830 percent, and visits from email increased 1,700 percent. The number of organic keywords the website ranks for within the top 100 of Google increased 8,550 percent.

ArgosSECURITY™ is a great example of the need to reevaluate marketing campaigns and fine tune as needed. When a sales program falls short of your goals, it’s time to take a look at the problem from a new angle and recalibrate.

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