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Frey Lutz

The folks at Frey Lutz have worked hard over the years to earn their reputation for great customer service. But they realized recently that the company’s website was not providing the same great user experience—and they were losing business because of it. They needed a responsive website redesign that attracted visitors and converted them into customers—not one that turned them away.

They turned to VIG for a solution.

Our Solution

We built a custom website on the WordPress platform and provided the copywriting for an updated look and a much-improved user experience.

Instead of separating Commercial and Residential Services into two separate sites, they became separate service sections on the same site with easy navigation.

An updated look and feel to better match the Frey Lutz brand and plenty of useful content turned the Frey Lutz website into a valuable asset for them and a great experience for their visitors.

Frey Lutz Responsive Website Redesign

Over the years, Frey Lutz became a leader in the plumbing and HVAC industry the old-fashioned way: by providing top-notch workmanship and customer service. But as more and more customers turned to the Web to shop, the company, like many businesses, found that its website was not keeping pace. Instead of bringing a steady flow of potential clients to the company’s virtual doorstep, their site was losing traffic and leads to competitor websites.

Our Solution – An Optimized, Responsive Website Redesign
Frey Lutz Responsive Website Redesign Frey Lutz Responsive Website Redesign 002 Frey Lutz Responsive Website Redesign 003 Frey Lutz Responsive Website Redesign 004
We combined commercial and residential services, which were previously split between two sites, into separate service sections on the same site. We restructured the site navigation to provide a better user experience and flow. We provided fresh, optimized content to improve search rankings and created a cutting-edge design that reflects the Frey Lutz brand and attracts visitors. And we created a clear sales funnel to encourage visitors to convert into customers.

A new, responsive design ensures that customers can find the site just as easily on their phones as on their computers—a critical feature since more than half of traffic is flowing through mobile devices today.

VIG Results
The company’s site traffic increased immediately in the days after launch. Within a month, traffic to the new website had increased by more than 50 percent, and organic keyword rankings within the top 100 of Google search increased by 105 percent. Monthly traffic remains roughly 65 percent higher than prior levels.

Has your website fallen behind the rest of your organization? Is it attracting your share of the online traffic and leads? If not, let’s talk.

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