E-commerce Website Redesign:
Intellerum by Datum Storage Solutions

For years, the team at Intellerum worked hard to build an impressive portfolio of products and installations across the country. From providing secure storage solutions to integrating innovative features into their most popular products, Intellerum built a reputation as a leading provider of technology storage.

As they began to grow their product line and expand their footprint, they realized their website wasn’t meeting their needs. From an outdated design to a cumbersome content management system (CMS), the Intellerum team knew it was time for a change.

They turned to VIG for an end-to-end solution.

Intellerum by Datum Storage Solutions

Intellerum by Datum develops a wide range of storage products for computers, laptops, and other portable devices. With a full line of carts, depots, lockers, and furniture, Intellerum offers advanced solutions designed to help users store valuable technology across different applications.

Their previous website worked well for showcasing existing products but offered little flexibility to make changes based on their growing needs. Everything from product related content to the overall layout could not be easily updated, which made finding necessary information difficult for visitors and staff alike.

With a growing number of professionals visiting their website and shopping for competitor’s products online, the Intellerum team knew it was time to give their website a much-needed overhaul.

Our Solution

We designed a custom website for Intellerum using the WordPress Platform. This popular platform gave us the ability to add, edit, and delete products through an easy-to-use content management system (CMS). With different plugins for products and other features, this platform allows Intellerum to make all the adjustments they need, both now and in the future. Now dealers, end users, and Datum staff can easily access all the necessary product information from the comfort of their desk or in the field.


Responsive E-commerce Website

For the new website, Intellerum wanted the opportunity to sell products directly to end-users through an e-commerce storefront. To fulfill their goal, we integrated an easy-to-use e-commerce feature into the WordPress platform. This component gave existing and potential clients the opportunity to browse and compare products. With the ability to select configurations, sizes, and even colors, customers can select the storage solution that’s best for their application and place an order directly online.

To give customers a detailed overview of Intellerum’s products we created dedicated pages for each cart, locker, depot, lectern, and podium. Each product page highlights useful product features provides a detailed product overview and also includes essential buyer information. Everything from warranty info to specific sizing & configurations was displayed to provide a comprehensive online resource for our customers.

Custom e-Commerce Website Development

Custom e-Commerce Website Development

Custom e-Commerce Website Development


Custom Product Configurator

To help customers find a storage solution that’s right for them, we created a custom product configurator that recommends products based on their unique needs. By answering a series of questions related to usage, preferences, their facility, and device, our product configurator is able to recommend a specific product that matches the criteria and fits their needs.

Custom e-Commerce Website Development


Product Photography Sessions

To show potential customers the latest Intellerum had to offer, we performed full photo shoots to provide detailed images throughout the website. Both on location at a local school and in a professional studio, we captured dozens of images for our content library. These images were used in everything from product pages to case studies.

The Intellerum website is an integral component of Datum Storage Solutions’ digital presence. As the go-to source of online information for clients across the country, the website and it’s tools needed to work flawlessly. From the overall layout down to the e-commerce functionality, the team at Intellerum couldn’t have been happier with the results.

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