Making Hay the New-Fashioned Way:
New Holland Bale Wrap Mobile App

When it comes to using cutting-edge technology to transform farming, New Holland Agriculture is a leader in the field. The farming equipment manufacturer recently teamed up with VIG to develop the Bale Wrap Mobile App to help farmers choose the right bale wrap for their hay, a decision that can save them—or cost them—major money with every harvest.

They wound up with a pretty sweet app.

New Holland Bale Wrap Mobile App

Is it better to bale hay with net wrap or twine wrap? The question may be low-tech, but the answer doesn’t have to be thanks to New Holland Agriculture, a global manufacturer of hay and forage equipment. New Holland wanted to create a tool that would help farmers make the best choice for their situation every time.

Our Solution

Accurately determining whether to use net wrap or twine wrap is complex, requiring numerous calculations based on variables such as bale size and wrapping speed. VIG developed a mobile app that puts the answers at farmers’ fingertips from any mobile device.
Bale Wrap Mobile App

The Bale Wrap Mobile App
Based on formulas and data from New Holland, we developed a hybrid mobile app built with a single code base that can be used on iPad and Android tablets as well as mobile phones. Users enter data about their current operation and the app provides cost savings, potential storage loss, and time comparisons for each solution.
Bale Wrap Mobile App Interface Bale Wrap Mobile App2 Bale Wrap Mobile App3

The Bale Wrap app helped New Holland build relationships with internal users and clients through providing a value-added product. The app helped clients in the agricultural industry get the most out of yearly crop yields and also promoted the use of Netwrap. With innovative products and cutting-edge features like the Bale Wrap app, New Holland Agriculture continues to be an industry leader.

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