Hershey’s Ice Cream Goes Digital
With a Learning Management System

Hershey’s Ice Cream was feeling weighed down by the paper-based training method they had used for decades. They knew their training program needed a digital update, but with all the platforms out there, they weren’t sure what was best for their needs. The company turned to VIG for a digital learning management system that would work for them now and in the future.

We dished up a great solution.

Hershey’s Ice Cream Learning Management System

Hershey’s Ice Cream produces ice cream and frozen desserts for sale in 28 states at over 26,000 locations. After decades of training employees the old-fashioned way, the company needed to bring its training program into the digital age. But with so many competing systems and platforms out there, they wanted to make sure they invested in a reliable solution that would meet their training needs for many years to come.
Hershey's-Ice-Cream Learning Management System

Our Solution

We designed and programmed a custom website application that integrated a learning management system (LMS) for Hershey’s Ice Cream training program. We created specialized courseware for employee use and incorporated tracking, reporting, documentation, and administrative functions into the LMS. We built the system so company staff could easily upload revisions and updates to courses, lessons, and videos in the future.

Complete Web-Based Training Course
This LMS was built and designed to allow Hershey’s employees to access necessary training materials on the go. With all the courseware they needed already built in, including a driver’s training module, Hershey’s Ice Cream was ready to implement its online training immediately.

The new LMS gave Hershey’s Ice Cream the tools it needed not only to train employees fully online, but to handle course registration, tracking, and documentation all from one simple platform. Trainers can update course materials at the touch of a button and develop and upload new courses, lessons, and videos as the company’s training program grows. Users have ready access to course materials and training tools from distant locations.
Hershey's-Ice-Cream-Learning Management System-001
Hershey's-Ice-Cream-Learning Management System-002
Hershey's-Ice-Cream-Learning Management System-003
Hershey's-Ice-Cream-Learning Management System-004

If you want to move your training programs online, or supplement in-person training with some online elements, let the VIG team develop a custom solution for you.

Online training made easy with a custom LMS. Now that’s a smart move!