Creating Effective B2B Facebook Content

Creating Effective B2B Facebook Content
 August 29, 2017

For years, businesses and consumers alike have harnessed the power of social media to share, view, and post their favorite content across the web. As you know, Facebook has traditionally been the go-to platform for aspiring beginners and seasoned marketing professionals. It’s no surprise however that many businesses large and small struggle to create engaging B2B Facebook content to reach their most valuable customers.

In today’s complex and growing market, many businesses tap into the power of Facebook with the goal of competing for market share and driving leads. With so many different strategies and tips for building effective content, it can be hard to piece together a strategy that works well for your business. Here we’ve put together an overview of essential topics you should address when tailoring B2B Facebook content.

Quality vs. Quantity

Many experts today will agree that having top of mind awareness for your brand is an essential component to long term growth and success. Businesses across multiple industries and regions try to achieve heightened brand awareness through posting content on a regular basis.

In a broad sense, this is perfectly fine and necessary to staying on the forefront of your customer’s thoughts. However, with cluttered newsfeeds and irrelevant content becoming a popular trend, you need to take careful consideration as to what you post and how often.

Some of the most successful Facebook posts by big name companies have diverged from the norm and delivered content that was both intriguing and relevant to their target markets. Beverage manufacturer and distributer Anheuser Busch, does a great job managing this delicate balance.

Although Budweiser’s “This Buds for You” campaign isn’t targeting a B2B market, the strategy behind the video is noteworthy enough to earn a spot on our blog. The campaign was launched earlier this summer and featured a full length video depicting a touching story of how one organization makes a positive impact on families across the United States. Budweiser proudly produced this video to promote this organization and support a great cause.

The video’s strategy connected Budweiser with a non-profit organization. By portraying this candid story, Budweiser was able to reach a larger audience and establish a sense of social responsibility among their audience. This has been a popular trend among other large companies in similar industries.

To date, this video has over 31 million views and over 200 thousand shares on Facebook alone. The exposure and brand awareness Budweiser received from this campaign was unprecedented. This goes to show that when creating B2B Facebook content, quality will always surpass quantity.

Budweiser "This Buds for You" campaign screenshot


Text vs. Images

Looking through your Facebook feed, you probably notice several posts from friends, family members, and popular companies you shop with every day. Scrolling through these posts, you’ve probably noticed promoted ads, status updates, and occasional shared news articles.

What do many of these posts have in common? A successful balance of written and visual content.

Many of the most shared and viewed B2B Facebook content features either videos or engaging images. These posts successfully cut through cluttered news feeds and capture the attention of viewers, making them want to learn more about the brand and what they have to offer.

This doesn’t mean you have to create a full-length video for every product launch or company sale. It simply means that what you say is just as important as what your customers see.

Many companies hire graphic designers to tailor images around the key marketing message behind the post. This helps ensure the image is both relevant and unique enough to capture the attention of viewers. This can be a challenge and there is no one-way to successfully achieving this.

Links to landing pages

Directing online traffic to landing pages and generating leads is a common goal for many businesses. Popular methods like PPC campaigns and optimizing SEO are traditional strategies for businesses looking to gain an edge over competitors.

One of the most overlooked methods you can use to drive traffic to your website or landing page is social media posts. Posting a blog, ad, or update to your Facebook page with a hyperlink can help direct viewers to useful content related to your business.

Publishing a post about a new product with a link to a description page is just one example. Businesses across different industries will achieve this using various strategies. Depending on your product or service, you may choose to direct users to your home page, contact form, or other relevant pages.

The key goal of inserting hyperlinks in your posts is to provide viewers with a “Next Step” that they can follow. Nobody likes a dead end and hyperlinks provide a clear path for customers to follow for more information. The more information your users have, the more content they will have the opportunity to read, share, and engage with.

This in turn leads to higher page views, longer page visits, and a higher likelihood of conversion.

Links to landing pages screenshot

Clear Goals & Approach

The most important takeaway you should understand from this blog is the need to effectively plan and strategize. Creating clear goals and a detailed approach for your social media campaign is essential for maximizing your ROI and building your digital presence.

Before you launch a social media campaign or publish any posts, you need to establish clear goals and objectives with your management team. You need to know what products/services this post will support, what markets it will target, and what marketing objectives it will help achieve.

Creating a calendar of posts and sketching out an overall plan is a great way to get started on the right path. There are several easy-to-use tools that are free to use and great for beginners.

Building an effective B2B Facebook content strategy is both a challenge and ongoing process. Every day, businesses across the globe post, share, and comment on content ranging from product launches to industry news. Online readers have millions of options to choose from when viewing content. Standing out in the crowd is a challenge for every business and requires both creativity and skill.

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