Intellerum Launches TekCart GLC on the Market

Intellerum Launches TekCart GLC on the Market
 August 8, 2016

Intellerum by Datum® specializes in secure computer storage. With a tagline like, “Intelligent security for evolving technology,” they have to keep up with trends in technology and security in order to stay relevant.

With the launch of the TekCart GLC, Intellerum is doing just that.

When the computer storage solution experts at Intellerum by Datum® wanted to design a new cart for the classroom, they knew it needed to be smart.

It had to fit seamlessly into the classroom, secure a lot of expensive techs, and pack in a lot of features and functions to win high marks from their market of teachers and other education professionals.

They did their homework, talking with instructors and testing their designs in real classrooms.

They tweaked and rebuilt until they had a cart that could not only hold its own among competitor carts but outdo them in several key categories.

The result is a versatile charging cart for laptops and tablets that holds more, takes up less space, and charges devices more easily.

Intellerum dubbed it GLC, the Great Little Cart.

An inside look at the Intellerum GLC (Great Little Cart)

The TekCart GLC can secure and charge up to 32 devices at once.

Unique staggered UL-Listed outlet design means you can charge devices simultaneously, even with plugs of different sizes, without causing any headaches caused by cramped space.

Lots of interior space and compartments plus removable dividers keeps all the plugs and charging bricks in place without having to worry about extra adapters.

Plus, four full-swivel casters mean it’s easy to maneuver. And, with fold-flat doors, it can fit through tight spaces whether it’s open or closed.

Made in the USA and built to last, the TekCart GLC is a great solution for computer security.

An inside look at a smart launch for a smart product

The TekCart GLC is a great product, there’s no doubt about that.

But as everyone in marketing knows, the end of product development merely ushered in another challenging marketing phase: the product launch.

How could the Intellerum team get the word out to their target market and convince them to give the TekCart GLC a look?

To make the sure launch lived up to the cart, Intellerum turned to VIG.

We worked with Intellerum to craft the brand messaging for this product, provided creative direction and photography (because everybody needs a good school picture), wrote content for sell sheets and digital marketing, and developed a microsite with eCommerce capabilities to get the TekCart GLC onto the market.

We’re in the middle of an extended launch, so there is much more to come. Be sure to check back in on the case study as it develops.

In the meantime, make you sure you visit to check out this Great Little Cart!

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