Twitter’s Periscope: A New Way to Build Your Brand

Twitter’s Periscope: A New Way to Build Your Brand
 July 18, 2017

It’s no surprise that companies in almost every industry are using different forms of social media to build and grow their brands. Names like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have been circulating around conference rooms and strategy meetings for years. Many professionals today know the value of using social media and try to devise unique ways to leverage its strength to promote their brands. One of the latest ways businesses have been reaching their target markets through social media is Twitter’s Periscope.

Just over a year ago Twitter released the Periscope app for both Apple and Android users. Designed as a video sharing app to compete with similar features like Facebook’s “Go Live” option, Twitter’s Periscope is a unique way to tell a story or share a snapshot about your life.

Recently businesses have jumped on board and started using Periscope to build their brands. Companies like Pepsi, Google, and even Lay’s Potato chips have shared videos about their products, company, culture, and industry news. More and more companies are using Periscope as a tool to stand out in a crowded marketplace and reach unsuspecting consumers where they least expect it.

Company Culture

One of the most popular ways you can use Periscope to build your brand is through showing your company culture. Creating videos about company parties, community service projects, and fun things going on at your office or business is a great way to show the personal side of your brand. Everyone loves to have fun and creating videos for your customers or clients lets them feel like they’re part of the action. It’s a great way to get customers interested in your brand and diverge from repetitive promotions.

Events & Activities

Sharing videos from tradeshows, events, and educational seminars is a great way to show your customers that you’re active in the marketplace. Letting customers know about what’s going on at industry events like conferences is a great way to generate buzz about your brand. This can make you a source of industry updates and need-to-know information that will build your brands credibility and reputation. If done well over time this can lead to great PR and may even get your name published in journals or monthly newsletters.

Industry Insight & Market Research

Currently there are about 2 million daily users on Periscope. Everyone from active Vloggers, to movie critics, to stay-at-home moms use Periscope to share their thoughts and opinions. This can be a valuable way to respond to complaints, comments, and concerns about your products or services. It can give you great insight into how your customers truly feel and will help you make much needed improvements in the future.


Everyone likes having extra piece of mind when making an important or expensive purchase. Buying your first house, minivan, or booking your next vacation can be a tough decision when there’s so many options to choose from. One way companies have combatted this using video is through testimonials.

Companies like Nike, Ford, and even Tide have sent customers samples of their products and asked them for their honest and unfiltered feedback.  They posted the videos to their websites and the response was perfect. The videos were a genius way of connecting with customers because they provided a candid account of how actual customers felt about their product. Periscope gives you this opportunity without having the costly setup of media teams and full production shoots. More companies are going with this option and the results are outstanding.

Product & Service Demonstrations

What is it? How does it work? What does it do? These are questions many companies face when releasing new products or services to the market. Creating demonstrational videos about how your product works or what makes your service different can be a great way of getting information out to the market. It can help your customers understand what they’re buying and if done correctly it can drive sales and awareness for your brand.

Periscope by Twitter is a new and fun way to share what’s going on in your personal and professional life. Creating videos about your products, services, or company events is a creative way to reach out to customers and spread the word about your brand. Visit the App or Play Store today and give Periscope a try, you never know who might be watching!

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