Renaissance Conservatories
Updated Website and Portfolio

Renaissance Conservatories is in the business of designing and building beautiful custom conservatories for residences and businesses. But the company’s dated website created a very different impression. Renaissance needed a site that put its portfolio of designs and installations front and center and let their work speak for itself.

We created a site that lived up to their work.

Renaissance Conservatories Website & Portfolio

Like many companies, Renaissance Conservatories was too preoccupied building its business to devote a lot of time to the company’s website. Over time, it became dated and dysfunctional and no longer reflected the company’s stylish conservatory designs and quality construction.

In such a visual field, it was critical that the company’s website have strong visual appeal.

Our Solution

We designed a new site from the ground up, along with a book that showcased the company’s stunning conservatory projects.

The homepage of the website was setup to automatically display an entire gallery of images showcasing different projects, allowing customers to quickly apprehend the variety of styles and applications Renaissance Conservatories can provide. The images attract visitors throughout the country and beyond who are browsing for home and commercial design ideas and may not even be familiar with the possibilities afforded by conservatories.

Renaissance supplied the images for the portfolio and we designed and developed the site.

The new site provides functionality and style that reinforces the company’s outstanding designs and quality workmanship. We continue to host and maintain the website.
custom-website-design-001 custom-website-design-002 custom-website-design-003

VIG also created a perfect bound product overview book to showcase the company’s abilities. It was important that the printed piece also reflect the quality of workmanship and style that Renaissance provides to its customers.

The website and portfolio worked in tandem to build awareness for Renaissance Conservatories and showcase their products. The final package was something that both the client and VIG were proud to stand behind.

If you’re looking to showcase your products or services with a unique piece or website, it’s time to think VIG.

Renaissance Conservatories
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