Sandler Training Gap Analysis Tool Improves Sales Efficiency

Sandler Training needed a way to track and compare perceived performance and actual effectiveness for several different sales activities and skills. They envisioned a toll that would give them deeper insights into their existing data and identify critical gaps that weren’t otherwise apparent. Sandler brought their ideas to VIG.

We developed a custom gap analysis tool that provides a whole new level of intelligence.

Sandler Gap Analysis Tool

Sandler Training is a global leader in sales and leadership training. The company wanted a better way to assess the success of its performance and target areas for continued development.

Our Solution

Gap Analysis Tool
An innovative backend reporting system allows Sandler to view the most critical “gaps,” identify training needs, and offer practical, relevant training solutions.

The application is also flexible enough to allow assessments to be customized to a client’s needs and accommodate several different languages, which makes it very useful to both existing and prospective Sandler clients.
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Sandler Training