DentalEZ Partners with DSOs

When the marketing team at DentalEZ wanted to reach out to Dental Service Organizations (DSOs), they knew they had to make a powerful introduction into the market. For years, their account management and sales team distributed flyers, brochures, and other sales materials to dental professionals in markets across the nation. To successfully reach the DSO market and build awareness among professionals, they knew they need tailored sales & product literature that lived up to the DentalEZ name.

We helped them put together a complete package from start to finish.

DentalEZ DSO Sales & Product Literature

For more than 100 years, DentalEZ has been the trusted source of dental equipment for professionals across the country. As a leading manufacturer of instruments, chairs, workstations, and other accessories, DentalEZ has established a reputation for quality and innovation in their market.

With a growing number of their sales coming from DSOs, DentalEZ knew it was time to branch out to this growing market. They knew they needed a powerful piece that showcased their products and captured the attention of dedicated professionals. The team at VIG helped them put together sales & product literature they could distribute across the country.

Our Solution

We put together tri-fold pocket folder with a spiral-bound flipbook and staggered inserts to showcase the most popular DentalEZ products, drive awareness among DSOs, and highlight a portfolio of recent projects.
DSO Product Sales & Product Literature Design by VIG

Product Inserts
To showcase different DentalEZ products and provide users with essential information, we recommended staggered gloss inserts for each product. Each insert displayed a brief description, product features, images, and a strong call-to-action encouraging readers to request more information or a demonstration.
Marketing and Sales & Product Literature Design
Foundations Flipbook
The centerpiece of the tri-fold pocket folder was a spiral-bound flipbook. The first page featured a tailored letter addressing the recent addition of the DentalEZ Strategic Account Management (SAM) Team and the new initiative designed around DSOs.

Spiral-bound Sales & Product Literature Flipbook

The following pages highlighted recent projects DentalEZ completed for DSOs and showcased candid testimonials from dental professionals.
Custom Sales & Product Literature from Visual Impact Group

Tri-Fold Pocket Folder
To keep everything organized and easily accessible for the sales and account management teams, we arranged all of the materials into a Tri-Fold Pocket Folder. Featuring a heavy stock with DentalEZ branding, the folder not only protected the contents but made a powerful statement in the market.

DentalEZ Sales & Product Literature Flipbook Image

The team at DentalEZ was proud to distribute the new DSO packet to clients across the country. As the focus piece for their sales and account management teams, the DSO packet helped DentalEZ build awareness in the market and drive sales for their brand.

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