VIG Updates Datum Storage Solutions’ Digital Brand Presence

When Datum Storage Solutions® was looking to update their digital presence and build brand awareness, they knew it was time to take a hard look at their current marketing efforts and messaging. Their existing website was built on an outdated Content Management System (CMS) that made updates difficult and didn’t provide a friendly user experience. The result left Datum, and their customers, with limited access to product information and necessary sales resources.

They realized their website and support materials needed to provide a better experience for their customers and staff alike. They turned to VIG for a complete overhaul and redesign.
We delivered them an end-to-end solution.

Datum Storage Solutions

Datum Storage Solutions manufacturers cutting-edge storage products for police, military, schools, and private markets. Under three brands; Argos, Datum, and Intellerum the company develops innovative solutions for different applications across the United States. Datum reached out to Visual Impact Group with the need to improve their website and promotional tools to better showcase their products and build awareness for their brand.

Our Solution

We reworked each component of Datum’s online brand presence and put together a digital marketing campaign to engage each of their target markets. Featuring a custom website supported by online marketing efforts, we helped Datum position their brand for future growth.


Custom WordPress website

When Datum Storage Solutions approached us with the goal of updating their digital presence, they had specific ideas for how they wanted their website redesigned. They wanted a clean professional image, intuitive user-experience, and the ability to easily update content for each of their brands. We combined their ideas into one online platform.

Design & Layout

When it came time to put together a fresh look and feel for the new Datum website, we had to work within some interesting guidelines. Like any website, we had to incorporate logos, a consistent brand theme, and we also had to make sure it lived up to the Datum name.

The tough part was incorporating the many unique styling cues provided by Datum’s management team. Luckily, our team was able to draft several concepts that pulled together each styling aspect to create a truly one-of-a-kind design.

Multi-Site Product Manager

One of the biggest challenges the Datum team brought to our attention during our multiple planning meetings was the task of managing products across multiple websites. Previously, Datum administrators were required to manually update products that were shared across the Datum and Intellerum websites.

Whenever the Datum team wanted to update pricing, product options like colors, or even descriptions, they had to log in to each site individually to make updates. This required additional time from their management team and often lead to inconsistencies across both sites.

To resolve this issue, our development team went hard to work finding a practical solution that would allow Datum to easily manage and update content.

We implemented a multi-site product-manager system that allows the Datum team to manage each brand’s website while also utilizing the WordPress platform as a CRM, but allows all products to live in the database. Now the Datum team can easily update and edit product information for both of the sites simultaneously and from one location. They can add product images, literature, sizes & configurations options, and unique content for each product from one centralized location.

This helps cut down on maintenance time and allows Datum to post clear consistent information across multiple sites.

ERP Integration

Managing leads and product information was a challenge for Datum. Their existing ERP platform connected to their website was cumbersome to use and didn’t transmit the necessary information to right people. We integrated Macola into our multi-site product-manager to help bridge the gap between their website activity and the existing ERP platform.

The result was a system that seamlessly directed orders, leads, and essential product information from each website to the appropriate staff members and dealers. The system cut down on lead time and helped increase sales for Datum across each one of their target markets.

Post-Launch Marketing Efforts

Following the launch of the Datum website, we put together a two-pronged monthly marketing campaign. To re-engage top-level executives and decision makers who previously visited the Datum website, we implemented an industry based website abandonment campaign.

The first phase of the campaign required setting up and implementing remarketing ads using Google AdWords. Through installing a custom JavaScript tracking code on each page of the Datum website and gathering cookies from each user, we were able to send tailored ads to visitors through Google’s Display Network.

To ensure top-of-mind awareness and showcase Datum’s innovative products, we put together an automated email campaign based on each industry Datum serves. We set up a tracking feature on Datum’s website to get a list of companies who have spent a considerable time interacting with different content. From this list, we created custom emails based on their industry and measured the campaign’s analytics to determine the effectiveness of each component.

We’ve also assisted in the development and messaging of a campaign to re-engage and nurture past dealers to increase sales at Datum Storage Solutions.

And the results?

Over two years ago we began our partnership with Datum Storage Solutions. After rebuilding their website and helping develop an actionable marketing strategy to reach their diverse target markets, we’re proud to be a part of Datum’s continued growth.

Almost immediately, we were able to organically demonstrate how an effective website architecture can keep users engaged on your website – not only demonstrated by an increase of traffic but a significant increase of leads being generated on the website as well!

The chart above not only demonstrates the dramatic jump in traffic but demonstrates nearly a 44% increase in active users, a 48% increase in sessions and with the assistance of some additional marketing efforts (not including any paid-search traffic) 75% new visitors to the website. We can’t wait to see what years to come bring!

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