On Tour With The DentalEZ® CORE™

For more than 100 years, DentalEZ Integrated Solutions has been a trusted leader in the dental equipment industry. Manufacturing everything from precision instruments to workstations, chairs, and related equipment, DentalEZ built their reputation on impeccable quality and innovation. To continue their tradition, the team at DentalEZ wanted to launch a product set that incorporates all of their most popular products into one unique unit.

They had a complete product package manufactured and ready to hit the market but needed a way to make a powerful statement to dental professionals across the country. They needed promotional materials that showcased each product and provided necessary details for dental professionals, and that lived up to the DentalEZ name.

The team at VIG helped put together a complete campaign from start to finish.

DentalEZ® CORE™ Operatory Package

The DentalEZ CORE™ Operatory Package was designed to incorporate several essential dental tools into one complete unit. With an ergonomic dentistry chair, delivery unit, and LED light, the operatory package was designed to allow dental professionals to perform a range of activities including routine check-ups and preventative care all in one location.

With a growing number of strong competitors in the market, the DentalEZ team knew they needed a complete campaign to raise awareness for this product prior to launch. Their team developed a roadshow campaign called the “CORE Tour” that consisted of stops at 15 major cities all across the country.

Each stop allowed the DentalEZ team to showcase the CORE Operatory Package to clients at tradeshows and private events. DentalEZ wanted a series of marketing materials to support this campaign and raise interest for the product launch among professionals. Our team of strategists and creatives developed everything DentalEZ needed to make a powerful statement in the market.

Our Solution

The creative team at VIG worked hand in hand with DentalEZ to develop the messaging and strategy for the product literature and promotional materials. From a fresh logo incorporating DentalEZ branding, to invitations, a poster, and even a pocket folder with informational inserts, we developed an entire portfolio of materials to support the CORE campaign.

Roadshow Promotional Materials

The sales team at DentalEZ needed a unique way to spread the word about the roadshow events to dental professionals across the country. We designed a promotional portfolio with pieces to secure registrations for the roadshow events, educate professionals on the CORE Unit, and allow professionals to request additional information from the sales team.

To let dental professionals know of upcoming roadshow events in their area, we designed personalized invitations that included a brief overview of the event, venue, and the CORE package. We also created posters to highlight each event and also created custom VIP passes for attendees in each city.


CORE Operatory Pocket Folder

To showcase the CORE Operatory unit to professionals at trade shows and private events, we developed a full pocket folder featuring a number of staggered gloss inserts. Each insert featured highlights of different components of the unit including the CORE Chair, Light, Delivery Unit as well as other essential buyer information.

The inserts were printed with a high gloss finish and included the new CORE™ logo with DentalEZ branding. High-resolution images of each product, as well as descriptions, were included to provide clarity and detail for event attendees. The folder itself was printed on a heavy stock featuring a captivating image of the CORE unit along with the updated logo and branding.

The result was a centerpiece that made a powerful statement among dental professionals and that could be used as a promotional piece for their sales team into the future.


Pre-Registration Landing Page

To reach dental professionals online, we developed a custom pre-launch landing page that allowed users to request invitations to events and submit contact information for more details on the product prior to launch. The page featured the CORE branding and fields for users to submit their name and email.

This allowed the team at DentalEZ to create a final destination for pre-launch online promotions and also measure demographic metrics like user location, device, and other valuable data.


CORE Operatory Package Microsite

Once the CORE Package was released to customers across the country, the team at DentalEZ knew they needed a way to provide access to necessary product information to professionals anytime and anywhere. We built a unique microsite that held all the information they needed in a clean and organized layout.

The microsite featured a general overview of the CORE Package as well as the key selling points. We included highlights of features for each item in the package as well as an overview of benefits and the total cost of ownership. We even included a page where users could sign up for demonstrations of the CORE Package after the tour was completed.



When launching a new product into a crowded and competitive market, it’s essential to have each component in place to reach customers, convey your message, and leave a lasting impression on the market. This campaign helped DentalEZ attract, educate, and engage their target market and open multiple lines of communication. Now that’s thinking VIG!

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