CU Launches Microsite
to Increase Enrollments for Online Courses

Oakland City University (OCU) wanted to increase enrollment for their online programs. The university worked with Emerge Education, LLC to develop a strategy. The team decided to launch a microsite as part of a Google AdWords pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaign to drive targeted leads, and they turned to Visual Impact Group to build the microsite.

We built a custom site focused on lead generation.

OCU Online Website Design

Oakland City University is a private 4-year university in Oakland City, Indiana sponsored by the General Association of General Baptists. The university needed to build awareness and enrollments for its online programs and accelerated courses.

Our Solution

We designed and built a custom microsite around the goal of lead generation to be used as part of the university’s PPC campaign.

OCU Online Microsite
To provide potential OCU students with an improved user experience, we built the microsite on the WordPress platform. The previous website featured an outdated layout and difficult navigation for users. With the new WordPress platform, users are now able to find everything they need easily and within a few clicks across any computer or mobile device.
ocu oak-city-university-001
ocu oak-city-university-002
ocu oak-city-university-003

The new site features an intuitive content management system that allows the OCU team to easily add, update, or remove content. Custom integrations with SalesForce and Velocify make it easy for them to follow up with potential students and make the most out of the innovate online tool.

The microsite was the perfect addition to the PPC campaign. It continues to attract traffic and generate leads for OCU’s online programs.

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Oakland City University