Sandler Training Gap Analysis Tool Improves Sales Efficiency

When Sandler Training needed a better way to track perceived performance and actual effectiveness of their training tools and courses, they knew they needed a creative solution that was easy to use. They envisioned a tool that would give them deeper insights into their existing data and identify critical performance gaps that weren’t otherwise apparent. Sandler brought their ideas to VIG.

We developed a custom gap analysis tool that provides a whole new level of intelligence.

Sandler Gap Analysis Tool

Sandler Training is a global leader in sales and leadership training. With over 250 offices across the world, they provide detailed training courses with instructional materials for professionals at every stage of their career. Sandler wanted a better way to access the success of their training programs and identify which areas need improvement.

Our Solution

Gap Analysis Tool

We developed an innovative backend reporting system that connected directly to Sandler’s online training modules. This allowed Sandler to view performance gaps of individual professionals, identify additional training that’s needed, and offer practical, relevant training solutions to their clients.

The application offered Sandler the flexibility to customize reports based on the client’s skill level, industry, and understanding of the material. The application was programmed to accommodate for languages based on the IP address of the user. This made it easier for Sandler to market the application to franchisees in over 27 countries across the globe.
Sandler Training Gap Analysis Tool Sandler Training Gap Analysis Tool002 Sandler Training Gap Analysis Tool003

Sandler’s new application was a powerful tool that helped franchises sell value-added training materials to clients across the world. With the Sandler Training Gap Analysis Tool, Sandler was able meet the growing needs of their clients and offer practical training solutions for a changing workforce.

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